Do you like driving and learning about automobiles? Learn about the 1302 Super and other iconic automobiles.

bioPeople across the United States and across the world drive and collect cars. I’m a car enthusiast and I have worked on and restored many cars. My name is Johnny Sullivan and I like all types of automobiles, but, hands down, classic cars are my favorite. Follow my website to learn about the amazing 1302 Super VW, which was the name for all the 1971 and 1972 model Super Beetles and Convertibles.

I designed this website to examine the 1302 Super VW and its many noteworthy features. The 1302′s design is evolutionary because it was said to have a modern twist, while still highlighting the original Beetle’s amazing distinguished features. I’m passionate about classic cars, the 1302 Super, and other VW automobiles, which inspired me to start this website. My goal for this website to help automobile lovers (i.e. people that love classic cars, the 1302 Super VW, modern automobiles, etc.) connect. Continue to checkout my website for updates and tips that can help you learn more information about automobiles. My website is also a terrific place to checkout and assist you if you’re looking to fine-tune your automobile’s engine, exterior, and educate you on car care information that could help to increase or maintain the value of your automobile.