Used golf carts florida

Did you ever want a brand new car for only $3,000? One that got up to 20 miles per gallon — or doesn’t require gas at all? One that lets you enjoy the landscape while still screaming “luxury.” Then what you want is a golf cart.

The name “golf cart” is quickly becoming a misnomer, as these handy vehicles are being used more and more for residential, beach, college campus, and work uses. They’re still on the green, just don’t be surprised to see one elsewhere.

Golf carts are pretty easy to get and pretty easy to use (you don’t even need a license, though depending on the state you’re in, the driver must be at least 13-15. You can not get away with driving it drunk, though).

Retirement communities have been some of the first to embrace the golf cart. A retirement community in Florida includes over 70,000 people and has extensive trails for residents to drive their carts along, and they can use them on most of the streets as well. It’s handy if the neighborhood you live in is sprawling and it’s just not worth getting the car out of the garage for a gallon of milk. But the golf cart has become an especially important innovation for those who have difficulty getting around under their own power due to age, disease, genetics, or other factors.

Bu everyone can agree, golf carts are simply quite fun to drive. There’s something about the maneuverability of a small, unobtrusive vehicle that everyone enjoys.

But just like a regular car, there are things to consider with golf carts. Do you want gas or electric, to start? Gas engine golf carts tend to last longer per-refuel than rechargeable electric carts, whose battery will probably run out in two or three days. Gas engine golf carts are of course less “Green” but compared to the gas guzzling giants on the highways, it’s not an insignificant cut down on vehicle emissions.

Gas engine golf cart or electric golf cart, you’ll also want to consider size. Golf carts come in two seaters or whopping ten seaters. So think about how many friend you have — or how much you do or don’t want to share. You just might become the local chauffeur if you’re not careful.

Golf carts are also easy to modify. You can quickly find used golf carts dealers who have some with extra bells and whistles. There are also luxury brands that can cost up to $30,000! But such light and versatile machines are easy to mod and decorate on your own. “Pimp your ride” any way you see fit.