Classic car floor mats

Your vehicle is an important part of your life. It gets you where you need to go, and it can even feel a bit like a second home, if you are on the road enough. It should be a place that you feel comfortable, and one of the best things about your vehicle is that you can modify it to express your style and even your views, from the color to what you choose to have inside it, the music that comes from the speakers, and the bumper stickers on the back. But one thing that many people do not think about is how important it is to keep it clean.

Keeping your car clean and healthy

Everyone has a different style. Some people need a sparkling clean environment, others are more comfortable among clutter. But the cleanliness of your car goes beyond whether or not you are a neat freak. Think of all the places that you go. Everywhere your feet touch, you pick up germs and bacteria that are then transported into your car. Unlike your home, that you clean regularly and don’t always wear your outdoor shoes in, your car collects this dirt and bacteria. In fact it has been estimated by a study conducted by GAP Enviromicrobial Services that on average, a car will have about 17,000 times more bacteria than a home.

Regularly cleaning your car is good for your health. You don’t want to be sitting in a small enclosed space that is teeming with bacteria. Keeping your car clean also improves the lifespan of the vehicle as well. One way to ensure the cleanliness of your vehicle is to update the car carpets, which will remove a large quantity of the bacteria and perhaps even mold that has taken up residence there.

Checking on and updating your car carpet

It is recommended that if your car carpeting is 10 years old or older, you should have it replaced. Even if you have been vigilant about cleaning your vehicle, the floor mats have likely accrued more filth and germs than you are aware of. While you are at it, you should also consider switching out your trunk mats as well. The major bonus, other than the improved cleanliness and health factors, is that it will feel like a brand new car! And on top of that, it is possible to get custom floor mats, ensuring that regardless of the make, model or year of your vehicle, you will be able to get the flooring that you want.

Take care of your car. It is better to make small investments to keep it clean, running, and efficient than to have to shell out much more money for a completely new vehicle.