3 Important Qualities of the Perfect Snow Pusher

Snow pusher

As summer winds down and the leaves start to change color, it’s time to start dreading the upcoming winter. Snow will be falling, and you need to be well-prepared to deal with any big storms that may come your way.

Thankfully, the technology of snow pushers has come a long way, and it is easier than ever to clear a driveway or sidewalk of snow. It’s important to invest in the right snow pusher to make sure you get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here are three important things to look for when buying a snow pusher:

    Up to date. There have been a number of advancements in the snow pusher industry that you should look for when investing in one for the winter. For example, the introduction of the bucket clamp has made plowing easier than ever. Simply connect it to your bucket (which takes five minutes or less) and you now have a new level of control over your plow that you never thought possible. It eliminates chains, shackles, and loose ratchet binders that can be difficult to maintain.

    Durable. Your steel snow pusher should work just as well in February as it does at the start of winter. It’s crucial that you invest in something that is built to last to minimize the cost of any potential repairs or replacements. A lengthy warranty is always suggested, and you should look for a rubber cutting edge with the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility to optimize your snow clearing performance.

    Look for the right shape. Consider an angled snow pusher that is designed for deep snow to limit the amount of strain on your back when dealing with non-motorized snow pushers. For heavy-duty motorized snow pushers, a “V” shape plow is perfect to split snow cleanly to the side into sidewalks and lawns. If you need the biggest containment plow you can find for industrial use, make sure the sides are closed off to contain the snow until you reach your dump point.

Billions of dollars are lost every year because of slips, trips, and falls on snow and ice, so don’t let the people you plow for become another statistic. Proper snow removal is a crucial step in keeping the community safe during the winter. Talk to a professional and see what type of snow pusher is right for you.

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