3 Reasons to Visit Your Subaru Dealer

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Subaru has been a part of American history for nearly half a century. First established in Philadelphia in 1968, the company is a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries,the 26th biggest automaker in Japan. While you may not have heard of Fuji Heavy Industries, chances are you’d have no trouble recognizing a Subaru by its six star emblem if it passed you on the street. But do you know where that emblem originated? Did you know Subaru was the first zero-landfill automaker?

If the practical yet fun to drive vehicles aren’t enough to encourage you to pay a visit to your local Subaru Dealer Rochester NY, then maybe these three Subaru facts will sway you:

  1. Subaru takes environmental progress seriously

    Since opening the first zero landfill status auto assembly plant in Lafayette, Indiana, Subaru has been paving the way in environmental progress. In 1989, Subaru was awarded the Camden County Department of Solid Waste Management’s highest honor of the Recycling Achievement Award. Less than 10 years later, Subaru earned another award, this one from the Environmental Purification Industries, for its paint recycling program. The paint recycling program kept over 3 million pounds of paint out of our landfills. Subaru’s dedication to using highly recyclable materials has earned the manufacturer a 97.3% recycling ratio rate on their end-of-life vehicles.

    To this day, Subaru has been leading by example in green initiatives. From local projects such as the “Make a Difference Day” to clean Tippin’s Pond in New Jersey to becoming the official vehicle of the American Canoe Association Partnership, Subaru has proven time and again that the environment and automobiles don’t have to be enemies. It’s an initiative even Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, is behind. In 2002 Fuji Heavy Industries challenged Subaru of America’s Indiana plant to see if it was possible to manufacture cars without sending anything to the landfill.
    As if the zero-landfill challenge wasn’t enough, Subaru of Indiana is a proud honoree of the National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Wildlife Habitat Status. Their 800 acre grounds provide a haven for myriad wildlife from bald eagles to coyotes to turtles and frogs.

    What Rochester used car dealer other than the Subaru Dealer Rochester NY can boast vehicles built on such environmental achievements? None who also have the National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Wildlife Habitat Status as Subaru of Indiana is not only the first but also the only automotive plant to receive that honor.
  2. Subaru is the merging of seven heavenly bodies

    We mean that both figuratively and literally. Subaru is Japanese for “unite.” It’s also the name of the Pleiades star cluster, part of the Taurus constellation. Greek mythology holds that Atlas’s seven daughters turned into this cluster of stars.

    When five separate Japanese companies merged in 1953 to form Fuji Heavy Industries, they adopted the Subaru star cluster as their automobile logo. To this day, you can see the seven sisters in the sky reflected in Subaru’s star emblem.

    But wait, the Subaru emblem only has six stars. The reason for this is that to the naked eye, only six of the seven sister stars are visible in the night sky. Two of the seven stars are so close together as to appear to be one large star – – hence the larger star on Subaru’s emblem. This is also why the Subaru constellation is known as a unification of the stars, as Subaru is known as a unification of five companies who became one large company.
  3. Subaru puts safety first

    It’s hard to claim a company with such high environmental ratings could put anything ahead of the environment, but if Subaru has two driving passions, they are the environment and safety. With six Top Safety Pick Winners in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Top Safety Picks of 2016, almost everyone is familiar with Subaru’s reputation for safe vehicles. We won’t dwell on it here. Suffice it to say they’re constantly inventing new ways to keep passengers safe. From reinforced frames that provide high-impact protection to advanced control and braking systems, be sure to ask the Subaru Dealer Rochester NY about Subaru’s advancements in vehicle safety when you visit.

Want to learn more about Subaru? Head on over to the Subaru Dealer Rochester NY to find out all there is to know.

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