3 Surprising Reasons Charter Buses Are the Best Choice for Group Travel

Coach bus transportation

Even if you see tour buses on the road, you might not have thought about chartering a bus yourself. Charter bus services aren’t simply for touring, however; chartered buses are frequently rented as part of family trips, school events and corporate outings. To help you get an idea of why charter buses are popular for such situations, here are three advantages coach bus transportation provides over passenger vehicles:

  1. Comfort and Relaxation

    The primary advantage coach bus transportation offers is that the driving is left to the professional, meaning passengers can socialize, relax and even sleep as they like. Plush reclining seating, air conditioning, entertainment systems and on-board restrooms make charter buses one of the most comfortable ways to travel. And when there’s traffic (which buses actually help to reduce, since they take passenger cars off the road), that stress doesn’t fall on anyone in your party.

    Corporate event planners might be glad to hear that some charter buses even offer Wi-Fi so employees can stay connected with the office on the trip. Plus, everyone will arrive at their destination on time, refreshed and ready to go—which is vital in business situations.

  2. Safety

    According to government data, motor coaches actually provide the safest form of surface transportation available in the United States. Charter bus lines are regulated by both the federal government and states, meaning that there are multiple entities ensuring companies adhere to safety guidelines.

    Not only are buses inspected annually according to the law, bus drivers must have commercial licenses. This means that drivers’ schedules must comply with commercial hours of service (which set how long a driver can operate a vehicle without resting), so you know you’ll be in safe hands.

  3. Environmental Responsibility

    Many charter bus lines are pushing green initiatives to reduce their carbon footprints. Already, buses have lower emissions levels than passenger vehicles, which account for the vast majority of pollution.

    Additionally, motor coaches conserve fossil fuels; buses can often get over 206 passenger miles per gallon (pmpg; calculated by multiplying the mpg a vehicle gets by its passenger capacity). That’s compared to averages of 92 pmpg for commuter rail and 44 pmpg for air travel. Think about it: Even if your car gets an efficient 30 miles to the gallon and carries five passengers, that’s only 150 pmpg.

Have you ever chartered a bus? What was your experience? Share in the comments.

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