5 Things To Put On Your Car Maintenance Checklist

Do you have questions about how you can know when you need automotive radiator replacement or general maintenance and repair services? Are you worried about finding the best services in your local area? Do you need basic upkeep services like auto care oil change and brake checks? If so, your local mechanic is likely your best source for information and services, no matter what your vehicle needs may entail. At your local auto mechanic, you can find all the services you will need and a number of great pricing options too. Everything from auto brake specials to general auto car mechanic service discounts can be found at your local auto car repair shop. Be sure to contact your providers and see what service they can offer as well as what sales and discounts and specials they may currently be running. Taking care of your vehicle is easy when you know where to turn, so call your local auto mechanic today to schedule your next round of automotive services. You will be glad that you did!

Having a leased car means there is a termination date for the lease agreement or contract. Most vehicles are leased for about 36 months. At the end of the lease, before giving the car in you need to conduct a lease turn-in service to ensure the vehicle is in its right state.

Did you know that you can turn in a leased car with damage? This is allowed, but it does not come for free. The wear and tear damage may be imposed on your new lease agreement. Regardless of this fact, it is essential to practice good car maintenance.

Get your car checked today. General car check-ups are beneficial to the car owner. Getting regular full vehicle service keeps your vehicle in the right condition for driving. A driver is safer when driving in a well-maintained car.

For instance, the oil should be changed regularly as well as routine checkups to ensure there are no underlying issues that may affect the vehicle as you drive.
During a full vehicle service, filter replacement is conducted, lights are checked, the steering, operations of the brakes, and the exhaust. As this happens, the engine is also looked into to endure it operates as its peak.

If you have a car or truck that needs repairs, it’s always best to have automobile insurance that will cover the expense of the repairs. If you already know about car insurance coverage, you know that most people have liability insurance but don’t carry collision and comprehensive insurance. That means that if you have an accident, your insurance company would pay for the other vehicle or vehicles, but not yours. With collision and comprehensive insurance, you have a policy that will pay for your car’s repairs. They may even give you an accident waiver protection to keep your rates from getting too high after you have had an accident.

If you have accidental damage car insurance, you will owe the deductible, but the rest of the repairs will be paid for by your insurance policy. If you choose to have add on insurance, you might have more coverage than if you don’t. There are many different types of auto coverage, and you need to have collision or comprehensive insurance to make sure that your own vehicle can be repaired without you paying for it all from out of pocket. If you have this coverage, you’ve done the most responsible thing.

There are few things worse than having a car that isn’t running or has some serious problem that means it doesn’t have much time left. However, if you can find affordable auto repair services, you can get your car up and running far better without it being too much for your budget. Are you looking for “a mechanic near me?” This is a great way to find auto body shop locations that are convenient to your lifestyle. There are so many auto shops around that it’s possible to find one in an area that you frequent.

When you find a convenient auto shop, make sure that you understand the auto body shop services offered by the company. You may need a specialty company to fix brakes inexpensively. Auto brake repair shops specialize in brakes and can get your car in good working condition far faster than in auto shops that don’t specialize in brakes. There are even national chains that specialize in doing brakes and getting them done quickly. If you are choosing an auto shop for yours, consider the location as well as what they specialize in, what they charge and whether the shop will be able to service your brakes quickly.

For a lot of people, a car is more than just a vehicle. Many of us experience a certain amount of emotional attachment to their cars, keeping them for years and appreciating their reliability. A car also represents, depending on where you live, a certain degree of independence. Whereas in some areas you may not need a car to get to where you want to go, these vehicles are very much necessary in much of the United States. Many people cannot get to and from work reliably without a car. While public transportation is an alternative, it often doesn’t accommodate the schedules of everyone. And despite the prevalence of rideshare apps, they can’t exactly be counted on at all times if you’re trying to get to work; for that matter, using them constantly results in a lot of money being spent. Therefore, owning a car opens you up to a lot of different possibilities that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.

At the same time, a car is a major responsibility. Many are surprised by how much maintenance is required when buying a car. Some types of maintenance are required by law. For example, you may not realize before buying a car that you need to have it inspected regularly and make any repairs required for the vehicle to pass inspection. For that matter, you’ll need to have your car registered and ensure that its plates are kept up to date.

Nonetheless, the physical maintenance surrounding your car is perhaps the most important type of maintenance you’ll need to keep up with. If your car breaks down unexpectedly, you could be dealing with expensive repairs and not a lot of options. Many vehicle owners end up spending more than they should on last-minute repairs simply because they need their car to be fixed as soon as possible and are not in a place in which their car can be taken from auto shop to auto shop. Furthermore, a lot of total breakdowns could be avoided if small repairs were made early, versus owners waiting to handle repairs later. With that being said, there are some basic car maintenance checklist points that you can follow to ensure that your vehicle runs as smoothly as possible.

Basic Maintenance Checklist

1. Don’t Drive On Uneven Roads

There is only so much you can do to avoid uneven roads completely. Sometimes, you don’t realize that a road is uneven until you encounter it. But if you can, avoiding uneven roads is our first point on this basic car maintenance checklist. For example, if you find yourself considering two routes and the shorter route features dirt or gravel roads while the longer route is largely made up of smoothly paved roads, choose the longer route. It may take up more time, but your tires will be less at risk of being damaged and your car will be less likely to experience internal erosion.

A lot of uneven roads also contain debris that could potentially cause your tires to pop early. When you’re driving on flat tires or experience a tire blowing out unexpectedly, your car could sustain damage without you realizing it. Additionally, replacing a tire is quite expensive and not something that most drivers want to deal with at the last minute. Driving on uneven roads could also potentially cause damage to the alignment of your vehicle, which could lead to problems that cause even more serious issues.

One way that you can adhere to this basic car maintenance checklist point is by simply ensuring that your own driveway is as smooth and even as possible. Many cars sustain slowly building damage over time when resting in an uneven driveway. Driveway paving will smooth out any bumps or small potholes in your driveway with new asphalt and also make it less likely for debris to settle into cracks. This will ensure that your tires last longer and that you don’t have to worry about any unexpected issues occurring due to problems that you could have prevented.

2. Prioritize Regular Service Checks

Auto mechanic repair shop

On average, most people spend about $400 a year on car diagnostics, typical maintenance, and tune-ups. That’s not a small sum. We all try to save money in as many ways that we can, but this could lead to you neglecting some of the most important points on any basic car maintenance checklist. There are some kinds of regular maintenance that virtually every driver should be aware of, whether they’re driving a new or used car. These include having your car’s oil checked and changed; having new tires put in place on a regular basis (depending on the vehicle and types of tires you use); having your brakes checked and serviced; and much more. Although regular inspections are usually required by law, a lot of vehicle owners are shocked by how many repairs they must pay for when they finally visit the auto repair shop to have their car checked. Often, these repairs could have either been avoided entirely or minimized if the drivers had taken better care of their car and paid attention to small maintenance issues rather than letting them build into big problems.

Often, what is actually a part of any basic car maintenance checklist is misconstrued as auto repair shops simply attempting to charge for “minor” things. However, it’s important to remember that these shops are home to the experts. No matter how much you may know about your individual car, it’s important to follow the recommendations of mechanics if you want your vehicle to last for the long term. Therefore, if your mechanic recommends auto brake service, you should have that service done. Your car isn’t just a machine that you use to get from place to place. It’s also meant to keep you safe as you drive. But if you don’t pay attention to what the experts tell you to do, you may very well be risking your own life and those of others the next time you hit the road. No car repair is an unnecessary expense; if you really want to save money you should consider investing in the regular maintenance of your car rather than putting it off.

3. Seek Out Reputable Repair Shops

With that being said, you do need to make sure that you’re working with the most reputable repair shops possible. This does not mean finding the cheapest shop possible, mind you. A lot of auto repair shops seem like they might fit the bill. They offer you every service you have on your basic car maintenance checklist and at a rate that’s significantly lower than anything offered by their competitors. However, sometimes there is truth to that old adage about certain things being too good to be true. If an auto repair shop is offering you the same service as a competitor for less than half the price, it’s fair to question why.

A cheaper service does not necessarily equal a worse one. Indeed, there are some shops that will simply charge more than others — and not because they’re offering higher quality work. At the same time, if a shop doesn’t hire experienced, quality mechanics and simply earns business by offering the lowest rates, there’s the possibility that you’ll end up with low-level repair work. It is possible for mechanics to miss the true issue with a car and make a repair that leaves that problem unaddressed. Therefore, more damage will accrue; by the time the car is taken to a better mechanic, it’s too late for them to make the repairs necessary. When searching for mechanics, it’s a good idea to consider word of mouth while at the same time reading reviews online. Although reviews online can sometimes be stacked or misleading, a combination of good word of mouth from friends and family as well as positive online reviews should lead you to a good shop.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of mechanics and to get a solid estimate before you move ahead with repairs. Though unexpected issues can sometimes cause a repair to cost more than it should, many experienced mechanics are sympathetic and will try to earn your business by being fair and reasonable, versus simply undercutting their competition. Don’t be put off by mechanics pricing out used car parts in order to repair your car. This is a common practice, as many used car parts are as good as new parts and will cost less. If you do find a good mechanic, take their advice when building your basic car maintenance checklist. It’s simply a part of taking the experts’ advice.

4. Park In A Garage

Perhaps one of the most important points on any basic car maintenance checklist is also one of the simplest: try to park your car in a garage if possible. While a lot of people do live in areas wherein they’re unable to have a garage on their home’s premises, they can potentially pay to park their cars in garages within walking distance. Whether or not this is worth it is up to you, and is, of course, dependent on the cost of the parking space within the garage. But if you have access to your own garage, this should really be a no-brainer.

A lot of people don’t park their cars in their own garages simply because they use their garage for extra storage. However, your garage is really meant to protect your car. Keeping your car out during bad weather exposes it to the elements, which will not only damage it aesthetically but could potentially cause you to deal with issues like windshield repair. You can often avoid these problems entirely by using your garage for its intended purpose. There’s also the reality that cars can be more easily vandalized when parked openly on the street or in a driveway. It’s not uncommon for thieves to steal tires or even the bolts that are used to secure them in place.

A garage can also protect your vehicle from being stolen. Stolen cars re not often returned to their owners and it can be a long, difficult process with insurance to get a new vehicle after a theft. A locked garage is a great deterrent for thieves, however. Just make sure to keep the garage door well maintained and locked so it functions well and doesn’t fall on or close over your car, and so you can know your car is safe your garage.

If you’re really trying to maintain your car and follow the rules of any basic car maintenance checklist, then you need to take full advantage of your garage. Should storage be what you’re worried about, just move some things around if possible. And if you want to get the most out of your garage, invest in a remote garage door opener so that you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in.

5. Don’t Skip The Car Wash

Although a car wash might not seem like it should be included on a basic car maintenance checklist, keeping your car in its best possible condition goes beyond just making sure than it runs smoothly. It’s also important that you take pride in your vehicle and keep it both clean and aesthetically pleasing. For that matter, you’re avoiding potential issues if you make sure that your car, and particularly your windshield and windows, are kept clean.

The last thing you want is to have to contact an auto accident lawyer and explain that you got into an accident due to debris or simply caked dust obscuring your vision. Believe it or not, this can happen to drivers, which is why you should take your car’s cleanliness very seriously. Your windshield wipers can also suffer damage if your windshield isn’t kept clean. Having your car washed is a simple, inexpensive part of maintenance that no driver has any excuse to skip.

Basic automotive maintenance

We’re required to maintain auto insurance for a reason. Car repairs are not cheap and you could need them at any point in time simply because another driver was being reckless and caused damage to your vehicle. You can’t control that. But you can control your own actions and take the responsibility necessary to ensure that your car is as well-maintained as possible. Even if you bought your car second- or third-hand, you could very well end up owning it for years should you invest in the proper degree of maintenance. Therefore, spending on your car now will keep you from having to spend a lot more money on a new one later.

Knowing how expensive vehicle repair and maintenance can be, it’s important for all drivers to engage in regular maintenance. Developing a car maintenance checklist of easy to do in home auto repair, like checking and replacing fluids and monitoring tire pressure, can save you big money down the road. Basic automotive maintenance does not have to be more complicated than making sure your car is topped off with the fluids it needs to run smoothly.

Vehicle repair and maintenance

In addition to in home auto repair and maintenance, it is advised that you take your car to an auto repair center every six months in order to have your oil changed and tires rotated. Although it seems like this is work that could be done at home, a professional car repair mechanic will be able to spot any potential problems while your car is on the lift. A big part of basic automotive maintenance is simply to have a professional eye look at things like the exhaust system and brakes in order to know when they need to be replaced. Good auto repair customer service involves letting the driver know they have months to go before a repair is truly necessary.

In order to ensure you will be able to drive your vehicle for as long as you want, take the time to develop a car maintenance checklist to be done at home as well as have a professional take care of more serious vehicle repair and maintenance. If you are unsure who repairs cars or where the most qualified local auto mechanic repair shop is located, do research online or ask for a recommendation for a trustworthy car repair mechanic.

Auto repair service is something every vehicle owner has to budget for. Whether you are purchasing a brand new car or a $500 vehicle you intend to drive the wheels off of, at some point you will have to bring your car into the shop for basic repairs and maintenance. With the average length of car ownership increasing by 60% in the last ten years, vehicle repair service is becoming something more and more people need to consider in order to keep their vehicle on the road longer.

Even though auto repair service is a more and more necessary expense for many people, there are things that can be done to control the costs. Basic vehicle maintenance, for example, can keep your car working up to expectation longer. By changing the oil and checking the fluid regularly, you can extend the life of your engine and prevent the need for immediate car repair and service.


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