5 Tips for Packing Items in Storage Units

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If you are planning on moving soon, there is a long list of things you need to do to get ready. You should find the perfect long term car storage systems if you’re traveling in the winter and will have to learn your summer car behind, and you will also have to rent one of the 52,000 self storage units in the United States if you have a significant amount of stuff you can’t bring with you all at once. You will also have to make plans for moving day and make sure you are all set up at your new home. If you’re wondering what you need to do or how to begin making a checklist to get ready for your moving day, keep reading to learn about some tips for packing all your things, as well as some storage unit tips to help you have a little more flexibility.

    1. Label all of your boxes
    You will want to label all of your boxes with keywords that are more specific than just the room they came from. This is because when you move into your new spot, your organization might not be the same and you might place your belongings in different rooms than where they are now. You should also label all sides of the box in case it gets turned upside down unintentionally.

    2. Leave enough time to pack
    It might seem like packing simply involves throwing all of your things into boxes and taping them up, but once you start the process you will be surprised at how time consuming it is. If you want to make sure your moving day isn’t too hectic, it could be a good idea to start up to three weeks ahead of time. This ensure that you will be able to do a great, thorough job packing all of your nonessentials.

    3. Consider using plastic bins
    Most people choose to use cardboard boxes because they are cheap and convenient, but if you are leaving your stuff in storage for an extended period of time, especially in the winter, you might want to consider using plastic bins. This is because water or dust may make its way onto your belongings, and when you return this would be an unwelcome surprise. Prevent this catastrophe by using sealable containers as storage.

    4. Don’t find a storage unit at the last minute
    Even though the millions of storage units in the United States employ over 172,000 people, you might be faced with a waiting list for storage space in your area. You should consider reserving a storage unit at least six months before you need it. If you do need a spot at the last minute, you might just have to pay more.

    5. Find a reliable storage unit
    It’s not always easy to find a good storage unit, so talk to some friends and family to get some storage unit tips before you commit to one location. You should be able to find a place pretty quickly, because there are about 2.3 billion square feet of storage that is ready to rent in the United States. You may just have to dedicate some time and have some patience while you are searching for the best one. You can also check with your moving company for more storage unit tips, because they might have suggestions for who the most respected businesses are in the area. To learn more, read this.

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