6 Common Questions Regarding Snow Pushers Answered

Snow removal equipment

Figuring out how to survive snow is a process. There are numerous things that you can do from something as big as renting steel snow pushers or rubber edge snow plows to insulating your home with bubble wrap on the windows. If you live in an area that receives heavy snow all through the winter then heavy duty snow plows are going to be the best thing you invest in. Anything that removes hard pack snow is a good idea because of how snow freezes underneath fresh snow. It may not even look like it’s hard pack snow but underneath those fresh flurries is bound to be some ice and difficult snow clumps.

What do snow pushers do?
Snow pushers are designed to push the snow directly ahead of itself. By having a sloped front and sidewalls, it collects the snow into it’s box and keeps it contained. Once the snow is piled in one area, snow pushers can collect it in the box and dump it in a safe offsite area.

Is there only one design?
There are several different designs for snow pushers now. Typically they vary between three feet and five and a half feet high and are anywhere from six feet to 40 feet wide. They can be loaded on wheels, skids or backhoes for easy movement over snow and ice when they are not pushing the snow. There are also different blades available for the edge of the snow pusher.

What kind of edges are available?
Typically you can get either a steel edge or a rubber edge. Steel edges are better for removing snow from uneven areas because it can pass over obstacles like man hole covers and uneven roads. Rubber edges get a cleaner push because of how the material conforms to the floor. If they encounter obstacles, they tend to pass over them okay but they may not pick up all the snow from divots.

What is the difference between a snow plow and a snow pusher?
They serve pretty different purposes. A snow pusher will clear the snow and actually get rid of it. All a snow plow does is push the snow off to the side. This isn’t very beneficial because the snow can then melt and run, eventually turning to ice. Either that or it can be an obstruction to another area and have to pushed or plowed again anyway, doubling the work. It’s better to get rid of the snow all together in a designated area.

How often does a snow pusher really need to be used?
It depends on how much snow you get. Depending on the area, it could be every day. Basically, any time you receive more than a few inches of snow you want to use a snow pusher. Technically you could have the snow pushed even if it’s just a few inches but you might save a little money by just shoveling the small flurries and saving the big guns for those heavy storms that will no doubt be arriving at some point during winter.

Can I run one myself?
You could, they aren’t difficult to drive but there are plenty of companies out there that you could hire to push the snow for you. You could even set up a contract or agreement with them to keep the area around you business or home clear. You probably won’t save a whole lot of money renting a snow pusher instead of hiring a company to do it for you. Plus, this way you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to do it yourself. You can be guaranteed that your area is going to stay clean and clear all throughout the winter time.

Using a snow pusher will save you a lot of trouble and potential accidents around the area of your business or home or wherever you choose to have the snow cleared. Everything that works for you or lives with you or does business with you will be very grateful that you chose to have this done. Snow is beautiful to visit but those who live in it are usually pretty over it after just a few weeks after the beginning of the snowy season.

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