A Simple Overview of How to Apply Your Own Spray On Truck Bedliner

Wiretrim edge cutting tape application process

Are you considering spray on bedliners for your truck? Truck bedliners are always a good idea. Your truck was built to do hard work. It’s meant to get dirty. It’s designed to run through mud puddles. It loves to carry heavy things. That’s when your truck is in its element.

However, as your truck takes the wear and tear of its daily job, it takes on scrapes and scratches. There’s nothing more satisfying than a truck that looks like it’s being used for truck-things; it wasn’t made to be in a beauty pageant. However, when your truck gets dings and dangs through its daily workload, it makes it vulnerable to the elements. When the thin layer of paint is scratched off the bed of the truck, the bare metal is exposed. Bare metal is vulnerable to rust. Rust will eat away at your baby and destroy its structure.

This is why, if you are a serious truck user, you should consider applying spray bedliner. A spray bedliner is a vinyl coating that protects your truck from being damaged while carrying its heavy loads.

Applying a spray on bedliner is not difficult. It is not expensive. It is not time consuming. A truck owner can do it themselves with a few supplies and a weekend. You just need to know these tips:

Seven Tips for Applying Your Own Truck Bedliner

  1. Give your truck bed a good spring cleaning.

    There is nothing to be embarrassed by if your truck is coated in mud. If you have dirt in every little crease and corner of your truck bed, it’s a good sign that you are getting your money’s worth from your truck. However, you do need to remove all that grime and debris before getting started.
  2. Remove everything that you don’t want permanently covered with the spray on liner.

    We’re talking the drain plugs. We’re talking accessories like a toolbox. We’re talking screws and such. We want the truck bed totally bare before moving on.
  3. Apply cutting tape.

    Cutting tape is like the masking tape of the spray on bedliner industry. Masking tape is not strong enough to remove excess bedliner spray; it will just rip when you try to pull it up. Cutting tape on the other hand, has a wire on one edge that cuts through the over-spray and leaves you with a nice smooth edge. Use cutting tape around the edge and over anything that you don’t want coated.
  4. Sand her down and rough her up.

    Use a 100 grit sand paper and rough up the surface of your truck bed. You don’t want any glossy-ness left. The roughened surface will help the bedliner stick to the surface of your truck bed.
  5. Scrub her down again.

    You want to make sure that all the millions and millions of dust particles that you just created through sanding are washed away. A single tiny dust particle will create an air bubble as the coating settles and hardens.
  6. Read the manufacturer instructions from beginning to end, and then read them again.
    There might be slight differences in the process of applying a bedliner coating from one spray manufacturer to the next. It is important to thoroughly read the instructions and make sure you precisely follow them throughout the process, for the best chance of not making a bonehead mistake that you regret.

    After reading the instructions, watch a few videos on YouTube, to ensure you know what you’re doing. Sometimes when you read how to do something you’ve never done, important steps get lost in translation. Watching the process will give you the best knowledge to go forth and spray on with.

  7. Take your time and don’t cut corners.
    Applying a bedliner is pretty simple, even a novice can do it themselves. However, if you do a sloppy job with any of these steps, it could lead to mistakes that you regret for the long-haul. Take your time and do it right!

Applying a spray on bedliner is always a good idea. It gives you an extra layer of protection and keeps your truck in great shape after years and years of hard work. Making sure you do it right is the secret to getting the most juice out of your bedliner job.

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