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The visit ended up being much longer than you expected, but it was worth it!
When your 85 year old father first called to say that he wanted to make a visit to see a relative in Iowa, you were caught a little off guard. Your dad wanted to visit your mother’s brother-in-law. Although your parents had been divorced for nearly 40 years and your mother had died nearly 20 years ago, your father had still occasionally kept in touch with your uncle. Since none of you had seen this uncle in several years, however, it was a perfect Father’s Day weekend activity.
From the moment you arrived until to the moment that you left, the conversation between your dad and your uncle bounced from one topic to another. When your father found out that your uncle had a 2017 Chevy El Camino with only 3,000 miles, the visit that was nearing its end took on a whole new life. The two long time friends, and former relatives, who had spent their lives driving Ford trucks spent nearly an hour looking underneath the hood of the El Camino that was made the last year they were produced.
Ford Dealerships Provide Many Buyers the Used Cars That They Are Looking For
Car talk can go on for hours when you get two or more automobile enthusiasts get together. From discussions about Ford dealerships versus other models to talks about the advantages of buying new cars over used, a car guy and his friend can go on for what seems like forever.
Auto dealerships across the nation offer cars in a variety of models and price ranges. And while a Ford dealership will only sell new Ford vehicles, their used inventory can include a number of makes and models. Consider some of these statistics about the current market in the country:

  • The Ford F-series has been America’s best-selling truck for 40 consecutive years since its launch in 1977, as of 2017.
  • Any time that you purchase a used car that is more than five years old most experts recommend that you consider one that is certified pre-owned (CPO).
  • Manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicle sales reached 2.55 million units in the year 2015.
  • Increasing slightly, certified pre-owned sales reached a record 2.6 million units in the year 2016.
  • 20 million vehicles on the road in the year 2021 will be over 25 years old, according to IHS Markit research.
  • 40 million used cars exchange hands each year between dealership sales and private-party transactions.

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