Are you taking proper care of your equipment and oiling on a regular basis?

Keeping machines and equipment running smoothly is vital to multiple businesses so that they can maintain operations on a daily basis. A recent international study revealed that around 42% of manufacturing companies have all the correct procedures in place to maintain and apply lubricants effectively, and 63% believe they aren’t conducting enough staff training on lubricants as regularly as they should. Proper training in the lubrication and maintenance of equipment should be more of a priority for every business with large machinery and equipment. There are a number of things that can go wrong if the proper products aren’t used to keep things running smoothly.

Machinery breaking due to improper maintenance can be a problem for many reasons, downtime in any business can cost everyone not just the owners of the company. Using industrial lubricants can require certain training that should be done at the start of each job and checked on regularly. Maintaining logs that track the maintenance routine of each piece of equipment can ensure everything stays lubricated and running smoothly. This also takes the blem off anyone involved if machinery does happen to break down and maintenance has been properly recorded and followed according to regulations.

Military-grade lubricants are made especially for the dense conditions and rough terrain the equipment is handling daily. These specialty lubricants are used on multiple different types of equipment and each one can require a certain kind, it is best to find out more information about synthetic oils, mil spec oil compatibility, and which oil wholesale distributor can supply multiple products to keep you from having to shop around.

These specialized oils and lubricants are made for aviation, transportation, and metal forming. A lot of these pieces of equipment can use some of the same products which is always a bonus. Take a look at mil spec oil compatibility to see which products can be shared among the machinery. Remember the best way to prevent incidents and break downs is to take great preventative measures and care of the equipment you are using.

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