Auto Maintenance and RepairEssential to the Life of Your Car

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With the invention of the automobile came the necessity of ongoing maintenance and repair to keep this invention in good running condition and able to continuously be true to its purpose. Obviously, over time the auto industry quickly grew and began to overflow with new opportunities for employment. The fact that cars and trucks do break down from time to time is enough to provide workers in the auto industry with plenty to do. However, along with that fact comes the flip side of the coin that says that proper maintenance is essential to keeping a vehicle’s performance sound throughout its use.

There are thousands of auto repair services throughout the world, providing millions of jobs for men and women with an interest, talent, and even a love, for auto mechanics and body work. Auto repair encompasses more than just fixing what’s wrong. It also includes the ongoing maintenance of a car or truck that keeps that vehicle on the road and in good running condition.

Without even touching on the subject of fixing what’s broken, there are an unlimited number of ways in which a vehicle needs regular care. Brakes, oil change, and wheel alignment are just a few of the aspects of vehicle upkeep that need attention at specific intervals throughout the life of a car or truck.

Because of constant use, brakes should be checked at least every 25,000 miles. The fact is that they can last up to 50,000 miles, but regular maintenance suggests that they at least be checked when they reach that 25,000 mile mark. Brake services are offered by any car care center that employs licensed auto mechanics. Part of their service is to perform an inspection and to give a timeline as to when to have your brakes repaired.

According to the car care industry, a wheel alignment should typically be done every 6,000 miles. Another suggestion is to have the wheels aligned at the same time as getting an oil change, because the alignment of a vehicle’s tires takes a lot of abuse out on the road. Having the wheel alignment checked every so often in order to avoid major problems over time can save a customer thousands of dollars in auto repair in the long run. In addition, it is important to have a tire rotation done every so often. Manufacturers will typically offer a suggested number of miles in which to rotate the tires; however, it should be done at least every 7,500 miles. A car or truck that has some type of problem with its wheel alignment could experience a fuel deficiency of up to seven percent.

Auto repair experts suggest that an oil change be done on a car about every four months, or every 5,000 miles. Regular oil changes are essential not only to keeping the engine clean and running efficiently, but also to the very life of the car. Ignoring this important aspect of car maintenance could put major limitations on its years.

The purchase of a car is an investment. Next to buying a home, it is one of the most important and expensive purchases an individual will make in their lifetime. The ongoing care and maintenance of that investment is as important as the purchase itself. Understanding this, many people will find an auto repair shop that they are comfortable with, one where they get to know the mechanics and the mechanics get to know their vehicle. The shop will keep records of all maintenance and repairs done on the car, and will know the car almost the way a doctor knows his or her patients.

The majority of people will find, and stay with, a good, local auto repair shop for every car they own during their driving years. When moving into a new community, individuals will often keep their eyes open for a local repair shop almost the way they look for a local doctor, or any important service that they may need on a regular basis. Car owners want to know that someone they trust is available to them not only for the ongoing care of their car, but also for those unexpected situations or emergencies that need an experienced professional.

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