Be Safe, Remove Your Snow!

Low profile snow pusher

The Cost and Concern of Snow Removal

Snow removal is a major concern for people who live in northern climates. Record snow highs in cities such as Salt Lake City, Anchorage, and Denver all reach up to eight feet. That’s a lot of shoveling! To avoid injury, this snow does need to be cleared away. Each year billions of dollars are lost to falls and slips on snow and ice. Injury isn’t the only consideration when investigating the monetary cost of snowfall, in the U.S. winter storms in 2014 caused an estimated $2.3 billion in insured losses. Canada alone spends around $1 billion on snow removal annually.

Use a Snow Plow!

If there is too much snow to be cleared away by hand, heavy duty snow plows or snow pushers are the tool to use. Snow plows generally come with either a rubber or steel edge, and each is ideal for different types of snow. A snow plow rubber edge does need to be replaced every so often to make sure as much snow as possible is cleared away. There are also different shapes to snow pushers, one of the most common is the angled snow pusher. This type simply has an angled blade that pushes snow to one side of the street. A V Plow is shaped as its name suggests, in a V shape to even split snow off to each side of the path it is clearing. These are most often used on sidewalks. Containment plows are the large job variety of snow pusher, they are designed to be able to take extra snow with them on each pass.

Be Safe, and Enjoy the Snow

Although there are many costs and considerations with snow removal, those living with it often love the look of snow and the activities that come along with it such as sledding and skiing. Clear the snow from your streets and driveways, and enjoy the rest! Be safe this winter.

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