Best Way To Avoid Break Downs? Preventive Maintenance

You do not need to know everything about your truck, but you do need to know the basics like transfer case parts for trucks and what they do. You also need to know what to look for to know when your truck needs to be serviced.

Healthy transfer case parts are vital to the operation of your truck. The transfer case makes sure that power is distributed to both the axels on your truck. The transfer case needs to be serviced to ensure reliable operation.

When You See a Leak

There should be nothing dripping or seeping from your transfer case. Transfer cases that are dripping, leaking or seeping fluid need attention. It could be a simple fix, but it needs to be checked.

If you have a leaky transfer case you may need to replace the case. The Duramax transfer case line is a good option if you want a repair that is worry free and durable. If you have the skill set you can change it out yourself, if you do not feel confident, have a trusted service provider manage it. In either case it is a good idea to buy the transfer case parts for trucks that you need from a reliable source.

Service Intervals

Your owner’s manual is the best resource for learning when you should be performing maintenance on your vehicle. Maintenance activities for your transfer case include:

  • Draining the old fluid and replacing with new fluid
  • Checking for leaks
  • Look for damage to the case

The fluid in the case helps to keep the gears cool and lubricates the bearings, shafts, chains and other moving parts. The fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals because there is no filter in the transfer case. The diesel truck transfer case needs attention.

With regular driving the fluid becomes contaminated with pieces of metal and material from the clutch. The fluid contains additives which will also wear away over time and dissolve. Ineffective fluid can be dangerous for your transfer case.

Determining when to get your transfer case serviced largely relies on the conditions that you drive in. If you drive in rough terrain often or in damp, wet environments you may need to consider servicing your transfer case parts more often.

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