Chevy, Care Safety, and Car Shopping What You Need To Know

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Every year, teenagers are given drivers licenses and the option to drive their own cars. Every year, parents all over the United States buy their kids either a used or new car to drive. This means that ever year, car companies look to send out new models of their cars for consumers to purchase. An average family in America owns two cars, 35% however, own three or more vehicles. This means that when you select your vehicle options, you have to consider what is important in the cars your family will drive. Well the number one must important aspect is obvious, and it is car safety . The Family Room conducted a study that revealed 57% of all parents involve their kids in car-buying decisions. Here are two important ideas to keep in mind when picking the right car with your family.

It Is Okay To Be Anxious

Every parent stresses out over their teenagers coming of age and driving on their own. A Harris Poll survey conducted by Chevrolet revealed that 95% of all parents with driving ready teenagers believe that they have a duty to teach their child to drive safely. Another Poll survey conducted by Chevy revealed that 55% of all parents worry about the times where their teen is driving without adult supervision. These two surveys prove that parents worrying about the safety of their teen is completely natural. It is important to stress safe driving skills, but there is also importance in making the right choices when car shopping. Car Safety should be a priority for parents when car shopping, and picking the right type of car goes hand in hand with car safety.

Chevy Is Taking Car Safety Very Serious

This is not an opinion, there are facts to prove that Chevrolet has prioritized car safety in the form of chevy safety.
Chevrolet vehicles now include some of the latest air bag technologies. Chevy trucks and vehicles even include a new 360-degree smart sensor system to help improve air bag deployment. In the past year, Chevrolet has raked in multiple vehicle awards. The Chevrolet Malibu was named the Number One Best Midsize Car for Families in both 2016 and 2017 by U.S. News and World Report. Chevy has also raked in numerous other vehicle awards as they have a lineup of family vehicles designed for optimal car safety.

Chevrolet has put forth great effort to push forward car safety as a priority when shopping for cars. There are now a lot of options for a buyer as they look to keep their teenager safe. Don’t worry, your stress is natural. Buying the right car is not easy, but as long as you weight your options well, the decision is worth the work.

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