Cool Things to Add to Your Truck Care Routine

Your truck is a treasured possession because it could also double up as an income earner for you and your family. As such, it is important to care for it to ensure that it has a long life, is efficient on the road, and can carry out its operations without constantly breaking down. You would not be interested in buying a vehicle that is not roadworthy. Therefore, monitoring your own vehicle’s maintenance is paramount for you and future owners. This article shares some cool things to add to your truck care routine.

Checking the Tire Pressure

One of the cool things to add to your truck care routine is checking your vehicle’s tire pressure. This allows you to determine whether your tires are in top shape or if you need to consider tire replacement. This is an easy process that can be done monthly, at an auto car store near you or your local gas station. It helps to have a gauge that shows you how high or low your tire pressure is so that you do not overinflate your tires.

Always remember to maintain the recommended tire pressure of your truck because overinflation could affect your truck tire performance in terms of wear and tear, absorption of impact, and haulage. The advice of auto shop owners, colleagues, and the internet would come in handy in understanding what works well for your particular vehicle.

Adding Personal Touches

Your truck could be a place you spend long periods in, especially if you are on the road often. However, even if your stay in your truck is for short intervals, adding personal touches is one of the cool things to add to your truck care routine that ensures that you enjoy superior entertainment, aesthetics, and comfort. Truck accessories enhance safety and convenience in your vehicle, and enable you to explore and express yourself and your creativity.

Accessories such as electronic device support, portable trash cans, coolers for your refreshments, music systems, organizers and storage units, lighting, beddings, hauling gadgets, surveillance systems, step bars, air fresheners, tinted windows are among some of the touches that you can consider to enhance your truck for comfort, convenience, and safety.

Staying Notified of Fuel Levels

Monitoring your truck’s fuel level and putting in systems that help you with this, are some cool things to add to your truck care routine. This will ensure that you do not experience issues such as difficulty with starting your engine, poor acceleration, stalling your vehicle, loss of power in your vehicle, and a decline in fuel efficiency.

For diesel engines, it is important to monitor your fuel system to be guaranteed that your vehicle is running smoothly. A malfunction in your diesel fuel delivery can create a myriad of problems such as filter clogging, reduction of fuel flow, and capacity for lubrication of your fuel. Regular truck care routines ensure that malfunction of your fuel system and particle build-up is avoided on your truck.

You can also enlist the help of auto-care shops where they may have devices available to monitor fuel levels on your truck. These would aid the monitoring of fuel levels, and other important aspects such as consumption, temperature, and mileage.

Monitoring the Steam Coming Out

When caring for your truck, it is important to involve experts as much as possible to ensure that every system is well monitored. Truck exhausts also need a regular checkup, and a trip to your local auto-care shop would provide you with the expertise and care you need for your vehicle.

This kind of vehicle care is some of the cool things to add to your truck care routine, that will ensure that your exhaust system stays away from clogs, leaks, unusual emissions, and sounds that exhaust systems may be making.

Wrapping Your Truck

Truck wraps provide an advertising avenue for your services and your brand, and can be some cool things to add to your truck care routine. They can also be used to advertise an event or as part of creating art, and are therefore very versatile. The greatest thing about car wraps is that you do not have to do a new paint job on your truck and they can be removed at a later point so that the truck can go back to its original color or take up a new one.

Truck wraps do not have to be put on the whole vehicle. They can be wrapped on only one side or part of the truck, as is preferred. Truck wrapping services can be accessed by searching for professionals in your area who specialize in the art and you can also attempt truck wrapping as a DIY project.

Getting Further Certifications

When considering a truck driving career, you must look into the certifications that can give you an edge when you are searching for a job and which add value to you as a professional. This step is not only for entry-level drivers but even for seasoned drivers who would like to upskill and remain relevant in the trucking field.

Truck driver certifications vary in their specialties, such as providing driver licenses and teaching skills such as health and safety, managing logistics, defensive driving tactics, and how to deliver dangerous and fragile cargo such as fuel. Certifications are a great way to go towards being a professional driver. Be sure to do some research on what is available in the market as a certificate, then you can begin working towards getting some of the most relevant ones for you.

Going in for Any Tune-Ups

Cool things to add to your truck care routine include regular tune-ups for your truck. These can be done at truck repair garages on a regular schedule to prolong the life of your vehicle and ensure that it runs efficiently on the road.

These tune-ups look at systems in your truck such as oil, air, and fuel filters, checking and changing the truck fluids, and replacing spark plugs and fuel distributor caps. They can also include checking belts such as serpentine belts, coolant systems, the truck’s wiring, and fuel lines in your truck. During these truck servicing visits, you can also enquire about wheel servicing such as alignment, rotation, and balancing. Your lights should also be checked to ensure they work well and to detect if there are any that need replacing. As a long-distance trucker, you want to ensure that your vehicle is in the best shape possible.

You can plan these tune-ups so that they do not pile up and become too heavy on your budget. Servicing your truck at scheduled times allows you to plan around your finances in a controlled way and keeps you from incurring huge bills or missing out on opportunities due to complete breakdowns.

Paying Outstanding Fees

If your truck has outstanding fees attached to it, it is best to clear them as soon as you can. This is part of the cool things to add to your truck care routine because you can work out a payment plan with your financial partner that you can comfortably fulfill at scheduled times. This also enables your truck to be free of any debts.

Some ideas to help you with acquiring finances to pay off the debt on your truck include, putting it up for truck rental services. This will enable customers to rent out your truck and move their goods from one place to the other at a fee, while you benefit from the extra income to clear any financial obligations.

Asking for Help When You Need It

As a trucker, it is beneficial to surround yourself with a network of colleagues and suppliers of services that work for your business. Suppliers of local towing services, financial partners, and trusted auto-care garages will assist you in running your business successfully. As no man is an island, you will need to ask for help every so often and this network will come in handy.

This network can help in expanding your knowledge of trucking, trends on the global and regional fronts, and how to keep afloat in your business. These are some of the cool things to add to your truck care routine.


Securing insurance for your vehicle is a great planning tool and part of the cool things to add to your truck care routine. In the event of a breakdown, fire, or accident, your vehicle is covered and you can recover much faster as opposed to when you are not insured.

You can get the information you need by searching on the Internet, to find out about the various providers that exist. This way, you will be able to find out what offerings would be most beneficial to you and you will then be able to compare the prices. These companies are also able to provide a quote which facilitates better decision making when selecting a company to work with.

Familiarizing Yourself With The Owner’s Manual

Making use of your owner’s manual is part of the cool things to add to your truck care routine. This manual contains invaluable information specific to your vehicle that will benefit you in its maintenance and troubleshooting. These manuals also come with maintenance checklists that can guide you to understand the workings of your truck in terms of fuel, oils, and general maintenance. Working with this manual keeps you ahead of your vehicle’s care, with the help of the manufacturer’s knowledge.

Washing Your Vehicle

Your vehicle needs a good wash to not only keep it looking spick and span but also to avoid getting a build-up of elements that would make it look unsightly. The build-up of elements such as sand will cause your vehicle to lose its shine. It is therefore advisable to give your truck a regular wash.

An extra measure to protect the paint of your vehicle would be a coat of wax. Wax will ensure that it gives an extra layer of protection, and the great thing about it is that you don’t have to do it every month – a few times in the year will do.

Covering Your Truck

Providing a cover for your truck ensures that you maintain your truck’s exterior and interior body parts, especially when it is in parking. When the vehicle is kept away from weather elements that could cause rusting and corrosion to the paint and interior body, it gives it a longer lease of life. Environmental elements such as rain, snow, salt, grime, and mud can cause corrosion of the exterior and interior parts of your car if not checked.

Providing shade for your vehicle while it is parked is great to care for your truck, whether for aesthetic value or the long life of your parts. This can be in the form of a garage or a carport to shield your vehicle.

Drive Well

As a truck driver, it is important that you also drive your truck well to elongate its life. This works especially when it comes to speeding and applying abrupt brakes. This should not be commonplace for your driving, especially because you have a larger vehicle than most, sometimes with fragile content. Cruising rather than speedy driving and sharp breaking is advisable because it protects your brakes, engine, and the sensors of your truck.

Maintaining a moderate speed will ensure that you get to your destination safely with your goods intact, and also promotes the well-being and longevity of your truck.

Your truck is not only your treasured possession, but can also be used as your main income earner. Therefore, making care a priority ensures that you protect yourself on the road and make your ride as comfortable as possible. It also contributes to a higher resale value when you are ready to dispose of it.

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