‘Cut’ Your Losses Combine with Loop Car Carpets!

You want to keep your car as fresh and clean as the day you got it — to do that, you’re going to need the perfect carpet to keep your car smelling nice and looking nicer. When you spend an average of 87 minutes in your car, you want to make sure your ride is enjoyable. Unfortunately, you’re stuck between a loop pile or a cut pile car carpet — why not get the best of both worlds? A cut and loop car carpet is perfect for a single person or a couple without pets or kids that will be on the floor of your car. But what are they?

Loop car carpet

Carpets are created by threading fiber in and out of the carpet mat and leaving the loops intact. Loop car carpet consists of looped fabric that isn’t cut to lower the pile, resulting in a durable, woven finish. There is a huge variety in the types of loop carpets you can buy, but some of the more common ones include the level loop carpet, where all the loops are uniform in height; and the multi-level loop, where loops are varied in height, creating a textured result. The latter loop style is great if you want to incorporate some fun patterns into an otherwise boring carpet.

Cut car carpet

Essentially, a cut carpet is any carpet that has had its loops cut down. Cut carpets, unlike loop carpets, are great for kids and animals since they don’t have loops that can snag and cause physical damage. While loop patterns only look aged through matting because of larger loops, cut pile carpets will inevitably fray, causing a worn look over time.

Cut and loop car carpet

Putting the two styles together can create funky, fun patterns in your custom car carpet, especially as a trunk mat, or kept in the back seats where foot traffic usually isn’t as heavy. Cut and loop styles are a contemporary design addition that will spruce up the visual appeal of any car while it works overtime to keep your floor clean. Maintain these carpets by vacuuming and washing regularly so your guests can view the amazing geographic designs sported by this kind of replacement carpet.

In the end, choosing a carpet comes down to your stylistic and lifestyle choices. While both carpet styles will undergo the regular wear and tear over time, loop styles aren’t good for kids. Take into account your own personal style when you choose colors, patterns, and pile types for your future custom cut carpet.

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