Determine Which Hose Clamp Will Best Suit Your Needs

Metal hose clamp

In 1921, a Royal Navy Commander, Lumley Robinson created the hose clamp. Since then, our hoses of all types are put through a lot of use throughout the year. Because of this, they often end up showing wear and tear and occasionally repaired. In addition, certain types of hose clamps can help you achieve any desired affect. A heavy duty hose clamp will last you longer and give you better results when you use your house often and hard.

The Purpose of Hose Clamps

A heavy duty hose clamp, also called a house clip, is a device you may attach and seal a hose onto a fitting, such a bard or nipple. It is designed to ensure a tight seal between the hose and the barb and provide even pressure on all sides without any gaps. In order to make sure there is an appropriate seal, the barb must be free of any nicks or scratches. Typically, hose clamps are used to secure a hose within an automotive system or to clamp lines in household plumbing systems.

The Variety of Hose Clamps

There are many hose clamp types and hose clamp sizes. Some examples are stainless steel hose clamps, spring hose clamps, wire clamps, worm gear clamps, fuel hose clamps, and double wire hose clamps. You may also choose to purchase a house clamp removal tool for when you no longer need the device on your hose, or so you can use it on another hose. If you do not have a properly sized hose clamp, you are at risk of leaking gas or other substances.

With so many options, it may be difficult to understand which clamp will serve your purpose for your specific needs. When working with a hose that is one half inch in diameter and up, a screw clamp is normally used. These types of clamps have a galvanized, or stainless steel, band where a screw thread has been cut or pressed. In an emergency situation, screw clamps are often used to fix damaged pipes quickly.

If you are trying to moderate the amount of pressure coming from the hose then a typical heavy duty hose clamp should suffice. A spring clamp is one of the simplest forms of clamps. A strip of metal is held inside a cylindrical spring with several protrusions. In a wire hose clamp, you are generally working with a heavy piece of wire that has been bent into a U shape. If you have several shorter hoses on hand but need a longer one, then a worm drive hose clamp can be daisy-chained to make a longer clamp to adhere the two together.

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