Does Your Machinery Need A Repair or a Replacement?

If you work with a lot of machinery you know maintenance is required and sometimes full repairs are needed when something stop functioning correctly. The cost of rebuilding tools can be steep, thus doing a repair yourself, depending on the type of machine, can be costly, and time consuming. If you work with heavy machinery, it may be best to leave the rebuilding and repairs to the professionals at a machine shop, so that you can be sure everything is repaired correctly, and will function properly on the job. However, if something has broken down do you know if you should rebuild, repair or replace it?

Some machine malfunctions can be solved by a simple repair, whereas some may require a rebuild where most of the central components are changed and replaced. If you undergo a rebuild, you can expect the machine to function as good as new, but it is worth keeping in mind the cost of rebuilding, vs complete replacement.

Rules to Remember

Is repair covered by the machines warranty? If you work with any forms of heavy machinery one of the most important things to insure you have is a good warranty on all of your equipment. If the machine is still under warranty, then a majority of the repair cost should be covered.

If the warranty has worn out consider repairs only until the cost of such exceeds half of what a replacement would cost you.

Factor in Your Companies Priorities

Some companies operate on a timetable in which piece of machinery will be replaced after they have exceeded a certain number of operating hours. However many companies will also do what saves money in the short term, while being sure not to compromise safety of the crew. That means they focus on rebuilding and repairing there machinery as opposed to outright replacing it. How your company prioritizes this is something to consider, especially depending on how important these tools are to your business.

It can be seen as an economical choice to repair and rebuild machines rather than buy new equipment, especially if the machinery is highly expensive. The best option is to get your machines maintained by a machine shop service as frequently as required to extend their lifespan and help save on overall cost.

Financial Considerations

As stated above the financial bottom line is one of the largest considerations when it comes to whether you choose to rebuild, repair, or completely replace you machinery. A couple things to consider are:

  • Are you still making payments on the machine? If so see if the warranty is still valid and will cover repairs. You can also ask a mechanic performing the repairs what their professional opinion is.
  • How much would the machine be worth as a trade in, or resale? Would it be more monetarily beneficial in the long run?
  • What would taxes cost on a new unit? Depending on the machine, the taxation could be steep and require additional factoring, as opposed to repair or rebuilding costs.
  • Will repairing or rebuilding restore the machine to an acceptable level of functionality, and how long will it hold out? A professional in machine services will be able to tell you their estimation.
  • Are there any disposal fees associated with discarding an old piece of machinery?

If your business relies on heavy machinery tools, considering the costs of repairing vs replacing, can be a large factor in your final decision.


Depending on the exact type of machinery, it’s complexity, and it’s age, the choice is an open ended one. Heavy machines can be important tools in many businesses, so deciding which options will not only benefit your bottom line, but your overall productivity, is highly important.

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