Extra Protection Features for Enhanced Security in Armored Cars

The number of people looking for armored cars has been increasing steadily in recent years. The bulletproof vehicle industry grew by 1% in 2018 alone. The growth has subsequently led to an increase in demand for additional protective features.

The increase in incidences of violence has compelled customers to seek custom solutions. If you are looking for an armored SUV for sale, here are some additional protective features you may consider.

Run-Flat Tires

It is important to ensure the tires are running in case of an attack. Your tires are often the target when there is an attack while you are on the road. The attackers know it is hard for you to flee when the wheels are deflated.

With run-flat tires, you can continue driving for 50 miles, driving at reduced speed at a maximum of about 80 miles per hour. The speed and range are considered to be adequate to allow you to move away from danger or seek emergency assistance.

Smoke Screen Protection

The smokescreen is another protection feature common in armored SUVs for sale. As the name suggests, it creates a cloud of smoke that can distract attackers and allow the driver to escape.

The smoke is created by a generator that heats a mix of materials to create a cloud of smoke. The material is often oil or diesel, which may be infused with other chemicals to make the generated smog more opaque.

Bomb Protection Blanket

Any armored SUV for sale is likely to have a solid floor that can protect against certain types of explosions. However, some car owners may want to get a protection bomb blanket for their bulletproof SUVs.

The bomb blanket gives added protection against explosions from hand grenades and shrapnel. It can absorb shrapnel from these types of explosions. Sometimes it is designed to be portable, to accord the occupants’ protection in case they have to exit the car.

The portable ones are made to be lightweight enough so that they can be carried by one person. They are becoming common in government and residential buildings where blast protection is necessary.

Tack Dispensing System

An Armored SUV for sale may also come with a tack dispensing feature that is designed to discourage and frustrate pursuits. The driver can activate the devices remotely, and the system will release tire deflating devices from behind the wheel. Most civilian bulletproof SUVs will have a protective cover over the tack toggle button to prevent the driver from accidentally activating the feature.

Electric Shock Door Handles

Another feature that is common with armored cars for sale today is the electric shock door handle. It delivers about 120 volts to 160 volts to the door handles. It often comes with a shielded toggle switch to prevent accidental activation.

The feature can be useful in case of emergencies on the road. Carjacking incidences and attacks at the stop sign or traffic lights can be thwarted. The shock incapacitates the attacker and gives the driver time to escape.

Protected Fuel Tank

In military bulletproof vehicles, a self-sealing tank is considered to be critical during a firearm or bomb attack. Without the extra protection, fire, roadside bombs, and bullets can ignite the tank causing an explosion. The occupants of the vehicle are at a high risk of getting burned alive inside the armored car.

There are several variations of this feature that you will find in an armored SUV for sale. It may be protected by a self-sealing technology that prevents fuel from leaking when it is hit with bullets or shrapnel. It could also be fire resistant and bulletproof with different cars having varying levels of protection.

In Conclusion

Bulletproof cars are designed to protect occupants from different types of attacks. Because every car owner’s situation is different, there are custom features that can be added to shield you while on the road. The features vary in terms of the grade level of the armor, and the technology used.

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