Five Tips for Planning the Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Weddings can be some of the most joyful times of a persons life. Unfortunately however, wedding planning can be extremely stressful. Here are five useful tips to help make the bachelorette party as stress-free as possible (and hopefully avoid a bridezilla in the process).

1. Don’t Over Plan

Make an overall game plan for the evening but don’t expect everything to follow the schedule to a tee. If the bride wants to spend a little more time at the first venue than originally planned, let her. It will allow for a much more fun, stress free experience.

2. Find a Reliable D.D. (so you don’t have to be)

Party buses
, limo services, and van rentals can be an excellent way to ensure that the entire party has a safe way to travel from venue to venue. And renting a mini coach ensures that you don’t accidentally end up the designated driver.

3. Personalize It

This is the bride’s last “hurrah” as a single woman so anything to make it memorable will mean the world to her. And who doesn’t love personalized cups or sashes? If you want to take your bachelorette bash to the next level, ask if the wedding transportation will incorporate a personalized sign or flag to hang outside the coach. It will make your bride feel special, and will make the mini coach easy to spot at every venue.

4. Bring the Party to You

One of the most hassle free (and cost effective) options is by renting a mini coach and bringing the party to you! Decorate the interior of the van with wedding related party favors, and make the the coach your main destination. Additionally, renting a mini coach can actually save your bridal party money, as it reduces the overall cost of drinks and services at the different locations you may visit.

5. Stick to a Budget

No one likes going over-budget, especially when some members of the bridal party may have multiple weddings in year. Besides renting a mini coach there are many ways to save a little money on the bride’s big night such as bringing your own food and drinks, bulk ordering party favors, and diy-ing anything you can.

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