Four Good Reasons Why Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars

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It’s a bold claim, but it’s true. Motorcycles are just flat out better than cars. Here are a few reasons why.

They’re Safer.

Though a motorcyclist is obviously more likely to get injured in an accident than a car’s driver is, motorcycles are still safer in the sense that their drivers don’t get distracted and also have better reaction time. Even if they wanted to, motorcyclists can’t text while driving, since they need both of their hands to drive. What’s more, the brakes of Victory bikes and other quality motorcycles catch faster, which means bikers have better reaction time and can react and avoid accidents easier.

They’re More Fuel Efficient.

One of Triumph Victory motorcycle dealers’ favorite selling points, Victory bikes and other similar motorcycles are much more fuel efficient than cars are. Most Victory bikes can get at least 30 miles to the gallon — and that’s on the low end. There are other, extra fuel efficient Victory bikes that can get even better gas mileage.

They’re Cheaper.

Let’s not forget, motorcycles are cheaper than cars. Even the higher end Victory bikes won’t cost more than a plain, used car. What’s more, they’re also cheaper in the long run, too, since they don’t require as many costly repairs as cars do.

They’re More Fun.

Let’s face it: motorcycles are just more fun than cars. Few cars are able to keep up with the faster models of motorcycles, and the ones that can match their speed are often 10 or 20 times the cost.

Motorcycles are better than cars because they’re safer, more fuel efficient, cheaper, and more fun. If you disagree, feel free to share your opinion in the comments. Learn more about this topic here.

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