Get the Most Out of Summer Fun With Limo Services

UPDATED 12/10/20


Whether you are celebrating a milestone, attending an event, or just looking to have some fun, hiring a limo service or party bus is one of the best ways to travel there in style. Not only will you be able to ride in luxury, but have fun knowing that getting there is taken care of. For those that still need convincing, here are a few reasons you’ll want to book a limousine service for your next outing.

Contrary to what most people believe, limo service is actually affordable. When traveling with a group of people, the price can be even lower when everyone pitches in. When you add up the costs you would be paying for cab fares and car rentals, choosing a limousine service becomes the more obvious choice in the long-run.

The stretch limo price varies, but a limo service may not be quite as costly as a lot of people think. It’s also important for people to consider the amount of time that they’ll need for the limo ride. These services typically charge by the hour. Renting a small limo costs between $60 and $80 each hour, and this does not include a tip.

limo service

People can rent stretch limos for $100 to $250 per hour, and the tip is not included in those rates. A 3 hour limo service can therefore cost around $300 at the low end of the range, and $750 on the upper end of the range. Almost any cheap limousine service can help people save even more money.

However, a stretch limo is not necessarily a 14 passenger limousine. These sorts of limos can typically seat around twenty people, which might help some people ultimately save money. Those individuals may have paid for two small limos for sixteen people, which would have cost at $120 per hour. A large limo that can seat ten passengers costs at least $75 an hour, and two of those limos would cost $150 every hour.

With limousine service, you have the choice of having everyone meet at one location, or having the driver pick up everyone from their homes.

Enjoying the Ride
When you don’t have to worry about driving, you can enjoy the simple joys of entertaining your guests while you travel. Take a look at the passing scenery and have a drink while you listen to music and reminisce on past moments together on the way to your destination. You’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of this sooner.

Not only do you now have to worry about driving and navigating the roads, you can also enjoy the comfort of knowing that you will reach you destination without stress. Once you have accepted this, you can begin to enjoy all that the limo rental service has to offer. This includes the luxury interior, plush seating, drinks for purchase, and often times complimentary drinks as well.

They’re Fun
One thing is for certain about using chauffeurs for your next group trip, you will not be bored. With the stresses of getting everyone together and driving out of the way, you have more time to enjoy the time you have with the ones who matter the most. Life is about enjoyment and doing what makes you happy. Why not do so while in the safety and comfort of a limousine rental.

Get a group of your friends together to experience the affordability, convenience, comfort, and fun that limo services are able to provide by booking one for your next trip or event. Create a whole new set of memories on your way to your next adventure.


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