Hazards of Exacation

Excavation is construction work that a professional should only complete. The hazards associated with excavation are not necessarily related to the manual labor involved or even the potential for a trench collapse. Watch the video below for more insight into this topic.

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Here are two of the most common hazards you should be aware of before beginning an excavation project:

1. Electrocution

Working near underground power lines poses a severe risk of electrocution and death. Even if you are using hand tools, it is essential to ensure there are no power lines in the area where you will be digging. Various signs may indicate buried electrical wires, including nearby utility poles, telephone boxes, or warning signs. If you are unsure whether there are power lines in your area, call the local utility company to request a site survey before beginning excavation work.

2. Asphyxiation

During excavation work, there is always the chance that hazardous gases could build up in the air surrounding a trench or hole. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is especially dangerous because it has no odor and when in small concentrations, it cannot be seen by the naked eye. Contact home for more details!


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