Help The Environment, Save Money On Gas Use A Bus Charter

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Whether you are going on vacation or are thinking of moving to another state, everyone is interested in ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint in an expensive economy. Bus charters are a popular option that hit many financial and environmental high notes for multiple demographics, ranging from families to tourists to students. Look below as I detail the history of travel in the West, the financial benefits of bus travel and how you can help reduce the nation’s carbon footprint by trading cars for a charter bus.

History Of Travel

Travel has undergone a myriad of changes due to increases in the population and advancements in land-based and water-based technology. Horse-drawn buses, while rarely used today outside of local historical tours, were created as early as the 1820’s and required two to three horses to pull carriages at a time. The first trains were also hauled by horses, though they were replaced in the 1900’s through the advent of steam and electric technology. Steam-powered buses were pioneered in England back in the early 1800’s and set the change for travel in the future.

How Motorcoaches Help The Environment

While traveling by car is both convenient and independent, gas only continues to get more expensive and is also unhealthy for the surrounding environment. Motorcoaches account for over 750,000,000 annual passenger trips and are responsible for reducing CO2 output by as much as three times compared to commuter rail. Motorcoaches also help the local community, putting money back into nearby businesses and helping neighborhoods flourish. Most motorcoach groups in the industry are comprised of smaller businesses themselves and handle everything from sightseeing to scheduled services to airport shuttle.

How To Charter A Bus

If you are interesting in chartering a bus, it’s as simple as looking into local bus services and seeing what schedule and specific plan works for you. It’s been found that students and seniors accounted for half of all passenger trips in 2012, with young adults and adults filling up the other half. With motorcoaches providing over 200 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, you can be assured that you will save money while using a varied and eco-friendly service. Next time you’re going on a trip, reduce strain on both your wallet and the environment by using a charter bus service.

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