How Auto Glass Tinting Is Added to a Car

Adding auto glass tinting to a vehicle can provide privacy, UV protection, and aesthetic value. Tinting can either be installed at home or by a professional. Here’s how the process of adding tinting to a window works.

First, the film needs to be cut down to the right size. Soapy water is sprayed onto the car window, and the film is laid on top of it.

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A stainless steel blade is then used to trim away the excess film, and a heat gun and a squeegee are used to shrink the film down to the correct size.

After placing a film on a peel board to cut away any loose edges, the film is ready to be installed. But first, the window needs to be cleaned to avoid any dirt that may cause imperfections in the tint. In addition to soap and water, a razor blade is used to remove any stubborn substances.

After the window has been cleaned and dried, more soapy water is sprayed onto it, and the film is removed from the peel board. The film is then placed on the window, and the soapy water is squeezed out from under it using a squeegee.

After repeating this process on all of your windows, your car will be perfectly tinted.


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