How to Buy a Used Car in the Current Automobile Market

Approximately 41,000,000 used cars were sold in the United States during 2013, making the average age of a car on the road 11 years old. This seems understandable given the financial recession of years past, but as the economy improves, it seems likely that new car sales will soon increase. While that may seem like a sensible guess, it is not necessary true: buying used cars offers a variety of benefits to car owners that are difficult to ignore.

The average vehicle will have an average of 3 owners throughout its lifetime. Accordingly, an estimated three out of every four automobile transactions in the United States involves used cars for sale. There are a number of factors behind these numbers, most of which relate to the impressive value of used cars. As many car owners are likely aware, there is a high depreciation rate associated with simply driving a new vehicle off of the dealer lot; once a car is considered “used”, even good used cars will be much less expensive. Used cars that are two to four years old are considered especially inexpensive, as their systems are still similar to new vehicles, but their used car prices are often thousands of dollars less. The average price of a used car in the United States is estimated to be around $14,375, and almost 50% of used vehicles come equipped with modern luxuries, such as air conditioning.

There are an estimated average of 3.3 million used vehicles for sale in the United States at any time. For this reason, buying used cars is extremely affordable and easy. If you are interested in taking advantage of these great values and car qualities, contact a local used car dealer today to compare used cars in your area.
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