How to Tell the Best Charter Bus Companies from the Rest

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Are you looking to get away for a few days, away from work, away from all those annoying responsibilities? Taking a vacation can be just what the doctor ordered, whether you plan to check out the auto museums in the Motor City or spend your days poolside with a mojito in each hand.

However, as you likely know, there is always some obstacle between you and your dream getaway. You can’t find the time, you need to save up — these are just a few of the more common barriers to your dream vacation. Of course, of all the things that could be standing in your way, transportation is likely the biggest. After all, if you can’t find comfortable, affordable transportation, you’ll have a hard time getting where you’re going. That’s where charter bus services come into play.

The best charter bus companies are known for providing travelers with comfortable, air conditioned interiors with wi-fi, TV, and a whole list of other amenities, and they’re known providing those things at a reasonable price. If you’re thinking that a charter bus is a great way to get you where you need to be, here are three tips for separating the best charter bus companies from the other 7,231 businesses IBIS World statistics show exist in the U.S..

How to Choose the Best Charter Bus Companies

  1. Test Each Charter Bus Service for Their Knowledge of the Area
  2. For the American Bus Association, one of the best ways to tell when you’ve found a great service is by asking them questions about the area you’re visiting. If they have many recommendations for restaurants, hotels, and attractions, you’ve likely found a winner.

  3. Consult the FMCSA to Ensure You’ll Be Safe
  4. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration keeps detailed records about all of the charter bus companies in the United States. Before giving any company your business, consult the FMCSA. They can tell you whether or not each company has any safety violations or other run-ins with the law on their record.

  5. Look into the Features Offered Before Booking
  6. As aforementioned, the best services offer air conditioning, free wi-fi, television, snacks, and much, much more. To ensure you’re getting a service offering these great amenities, call ahead and ask, or consult online reviews. The last thing you need is to start off your trip in a bus that feels like a sauna.

Did you use a charter service for your recent trip? How did you find the best charter bus companies? Let us know in the comment section below!

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