How to touch up scratches in your car like a pro

Have you ever come out of the grocery store gotten to your car and noticed a big scratch along the door panel from another person in the parking lot? This can be so frustrating especially since they are long gone and there is nothing more you can do but fix it yourself.

Touch up paint is one of the simplest solutions to any scratches you find on your vehicle. It is very easy to use and can be matched to nearly any color vehicle. You can use touch up paint on big and small scratches on the entire body of your vehicle. You can get touch up paint for jeeps, touch up paint for toyotas, touch up paint for bmw, and even lexus touch up paint. Each brand of vehicle has there own color tones for you to choose from to match your scratched off paint.

Touching up your paint job is done in a few different ways depending on how big the scratch is and what area of the vehicle your working on. There are lexus touch up paint pens that can be used for tiny scratches and large spray bottles of paint for bigger areas. Bigger areas are very hard to conceal on your own and could wind up costing you more in the end then seeking out a professional. Deep paint scratches can cost up to $3000 depending on your vehicle and where the scratch is located. The best way to get started on a paint touch up is to ensure the area is nice and clean before you begin. Make sure there is no rust within the area you going to paint. You will need to use a small piece of sandpaper to buff up the area before the paint can stick. Wash the sanded area off and dry it completely. Apply a small bit of primer to the scratched section and let that dry completely. Apply the paint from the edges and then into the center using a small brush. It could take days for the paint to dry completely and unless your car is brand new it may never completely match.

By following these simple steps you can touch up almost any scratch you get in your car. No more fearing the parking lots or tiny underground garages with cement barriers and large bumpers that ding up your side panels. Get your lexus touch up paint to do your own repair and save yourself a fortune.

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