Looking for the Best Car Deal in Town? Head to a Used Car Lot Now!

Used cars in charlottesville va

If you’re just starting out or you can’t quite afford a new vehicle off the lot, you may be looking for a used car for sale. However, looking for a used car for sale doesn’t mean you have to take a lesser quality vehicle — some used cars have very few miles on them and can be a model from just last year! Don’t be fooled into thinking that a used car for sale means a lessening of value or quality. This may also be a good time to get a used car — the National Automobile Dealers Association predicted that used car prices would fall around 7% in 2016, going from a little over $16,000 in 2015 to a little under $15,000 in 2016.
What Are Valued Elements In Vehicles On the Road Today?
Cars have gotten incredibly advanced in technology over the last decade. Your car can be an entertainment system for little ones on the road or a private jam-out session for you on your way to school or work with BlueTooth technology, great speakers, and other syncing devices. You’ll never get lost again with some of the GPS and navigation features in certain vehicles.
And technology is doing more and more for the safety of drivers and passengers. Adaptive headlights, for example, cut liability claims by 10%, said research from the Highway Loss Data Institute. The most basic of forward-collision braking systems can make a car halt fast enough to stave off a collision at speed differentials that go up to 20 miles an hour. Drivers are also naming blind spot detection and prevention features as some of their top choices for technology in vehicles — around 40% of drivers named these secifically during a J.D Power 2015 U.S. Tech Choice Study. And according to another study, night vision was the second most popular technology to be introduced into cars — over 30% of consumers voted for this.
Even though some of the newest technology might not be available in a used car for sale, there should be a vehicle in a used car inventory that has some of these features, if made in the last five years.
What Should I Expect From a Used Car Lot?
Not everything on the lot is going to be great. Don’t be afraid to be choosy and assertive about what you want. Be sure you’ve done your homework beforehand, so you know about what a used car model that you’re looking at should go for (and so you can argue for a fair price). You should be unafraid to bargain with the seller — it’s not rude and it would be a steal for them if they managed to walk away with the first price they offered.
Like with a new car, you should always take it for a test drive and get a history and safety report on the car — this is definitely important with a used car. Does the vehicle come with a warranty or not? This is also important, to protect you as the buyer. Do a thorough walk around of the car in addition to a test drive — make sure everything works and looks like it’s in good condition before you agree to anything. Additionally, if you’re looking in a new lot, some car dealers might have a “certified” used-car program for cars who are newer makes (up to three years old). Also be ready to discuss payment options and know what you can afford before you go in.
Many people opt to buy a used car instead of a brand new one off the lot, since it can save them a significant amount of money. If you get a newer used car that’s been used gently, you won’t be lacking in the more modern technology or comforts, but you will be saving some dollars! Its always important to do your homework before signing or purchasing anything — just like it would be if you bought a new car. You can always ask a friend or family member along for additional advice.

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