Most Drivers Don’t Check Their Brakes Don’t Be An Irresponsible Car Owner!

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Brake repairs may seem like a simple necessity of everyday life, but the consequences of neglecting one of the most important parts of your car can be devastating. While engine and transmission issues are one of the most expensive car problems in the U.S., an annual inspection can save, at least, money down the road and, at most, someone’s life! Not everyone is an expert on cars, however, and it can be frustrating trying to find inexpensive brake repair in a crowded market. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to keep your car running in tip-top shape no matter the season or the size of your wallet.

What Should I Know?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there are over 700,000 mechanics in the U.S. alone, so there’s no doubt there will be at least a few to suit your budget and unique needs. The average repair cost is around $300 and, while it seems like a lot now, the bill for accidents resulting from a lack of repair is much, much higher! Brake repairs should be a common occurrence, at least every six to twelve months, and brake pads should start getting the scrutinizing eye after 12,000 miles or so. About a quarter of drivers admit to neglecting repairs in their vehicles in the past year, so don’t be irresponsible — find a mechanic shop near you with positive reviews and keep your car running smooth!

Pricing Made Simple

The initial bill is never easy to approach, but as stated before, the long-term benefits greatly outweigh a short-term check. Auto repair estimates for your state or county can be easily found online and it’s especially important to check (recent!) reviews on any company or independently owned shop. Car inspections are routinely cheaper than replacing any one part of your car, so set a date at least once a year to give your car a check-up for brake repairs, oil changes and tail lights. A new set of tires, for example, can be as low as $300 and as high as a $100. You can even learn a few things while you’re at a shop, too, and do a check-up yourself once you feel confident in your knowledge! Now that you’re up to speed, take your car out for an inspection today — your car, and drivers across the country, will thank you for it.

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