My Final Car Repair Video

Scotty Kilmer talks about his car repair expertise in this video. He added that the Infiniti G37 engine was an excellent experience he had while working on the automobile in Houston, Texas. The trouble with the car was that it would go missing every time it tried to accelerate.

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Watch how Scotty tracked down and fixed the last vehicle project in Houston.
First, start the automobile to ensure that it operates properly, as it was not before. With the help of his scan equipment, he determines if the proper current is flowing through the spark plugs and into the engine. When four pins were tested, just one of them was found to be functioning correctly. The spark plugs were opened by unscrewing the screws that held them in place. He discovered that the one that was not working correctly was filled with carbon due to engine combustion.
The new one was installed in place of these plugs, and after that, the automobile was tested again, and this time it was found to be functional. This was just a temporary car repair since you will need to replace your spark plugs every six months or a year from now on. The internal wear and burn in the engine is the primary cause of the problem. Furthermore, he said that if you want lasting repairs, you need to swap your automobile or get a new vehicle.

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