Need for Speed Trying to Find a Place to Drive Your Muscle Car

Cobra replica

When you have a car built for performance driving such as a Cobra or replica car, you may want to drive it on both road and track. There are opportunities to do so, but you likely will have to do some research and may have to travel a fair distance to find a track where you can drive your muscle car.

There are race tracks in the U.S. that do allow private driving, although not all of them allow people to drive their own private automobiles. Most of the tracks that do offer private driving do so as part of a class or series of classes where you learn the ins and outs of how to drive on a race track. And you may have to have a special kind of car to be able to drive on them. You can start by doing a web search to see what tracks might be near you and what types of cars and driving they allow. If you belong to any auto groups, you might try networking with them as well.

On the other hand, the “road” part of road and track may be a better option for you. There are many road races and driving experiences across the country where you can go and drive your special car. You also can just take your car out onto the open road and drive it making sure to follow traffic laws and not drive too fast, of course.

It can be hard to rein in your need for speed when you own a Cobra or a Cobra kit car. Most Cobras have insane engines, with the first 75 Cobra Mark I’s having a 260-cubic-inch, V8 engine. Even later and lighter versions of the Cobra had large engines. As for speed, an AC Cobra coupe reached 186 miles an hour at a British speedway in 1964.

Having a muscle car or a sports car usually means you want to drive it and test its limits. Doing so can be hard unless you can find a private track. When driving on the road, make sure you follow traffic laws and don’t attempt unsafe speeds or maneuvers.

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