Picking Locks What You Need To Know About An Auto Jiggler, LockPick Sets, And Various Tools

In the United States, there are many individuals and companies that value the work of a Locksmith. In fact, the Locksmiths industry continues to grow every year. To be more specific, in the past five years, the Locksmiths industry has increased by 1.9% and this made their revenue 2 billion dollars as of last year. In addition, there are many businesses that use the work or applications of a locksmith, and there are many employees throughout this industry.

What exactly is a locksmith? By definition, locksmithing is the science and art of making and defeating locks. And, a locksmith does just that. However, there are individuals who dabble in the locksmith industry, as they pick locks all on their own. If you find lock picking necessary in your business or your life position, here is what you need to know about an auto jiggler, lockpick sets, and various tools for locksmiths.

What Are Auto Jigglers

First, let’s begin with what an auto jiggler actually is. An auto jiggler is slightly like what is sounds. You essentially use an auto jiggler on automobiles. An auto jiggler makes the task of opening the doors of an automobile very quick and simple. This is important when you are pressed for time and need to access an automobile immediately. Many industries utilize an auto jiggler. Locksmiths are the obvious industry. Then there are dealers, and most importantly, law enforcement. If you’re in any of these industries an auto jiggler will be ideal for you.

An auto jiggler consists of ten keys. In fact, many sets of auto jigglers consist of ten, stainless steel, and durable keys. You’ll want durable, stainless steel keys because you will not risk the chance of breaking these keys as you use them. An auto jiggler is super simple to use, as mentioned previously. All you have to do is place the auto jiggler in the keyhole of the car, jiggle it around, turn it, and the door will eventually open. It is important to note that an auto jiggler only works on cars, not SUVs, or any other larger vechicles. However, these sets are ideal if you need to pick a lock, if a dealer needs access to a car on their dealership lot, or if law enforcement needs immediate access to an automobile.

LockPick Sets

Lockpick sets come in a variety of different types and selections for all of your lockpicking wants and needs. You can purchase lockpick sets for automobiles, advanced lockpick sets, multiple lockpick sets, and lockpick sets for beginners- just to name a few. Additionally, these lockpick sets are available in a different number of pieces. You can purchase a seven piece set, a fourteen piece set, a fifteen piece set, a seventeen piece set, and a twenty piece set- although these are not the only size of pieces that are available.

In your kits, you can possibly find (depending on what kit you purchase) short hooks, long hooks (or both), a snake rake, single or double ball, broken key extractor, and much more. Essentially, these lockpick sets will assist you in whichever lockpicking situation you are in. Additionally, these kits do so efficiently and effectively. You’ll always have the right tools on hand!

Other Tools

Other locksmith tools you may need are files, these are specifically used in the Locksmiths industry. You may also need broken key tools, impressioning tools, lock scopes, and much more!

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