Plan For The Rise Of Electric Vehicles

Studies have shown that electric vehicles are on the rise all over the world. The option to be able to plug a car in to charge instead of pouring hard earned cash into the gas tank is becoming more and more of a hit all around the United States. With there even being a federal tax credit for those who decide to purchase electric vehicles, what more incentive do most people need to switch from their typical gas guzzler to something that is easier to use and somewhat more efficient in the long run? What this does mean, however, is that commercial electric car charging stations might just be the next addition that you make to that popular hotel and resort that you run. Make all of your guests feel included and accepted.

Vehicle charging stations are not only a benefit to your customers who are booking rooms within your hotel and resort but also a benefit to you, being able to raise rates where applicable for those who are charging up at one of your commercial electric car charging stations for the night. This could be that boost of income that you’ve been looking for, enough to update those rooms that haven’t been touched in a while or put in that pool that makes your resort even more appealing to the general public than it was before. With the small addition of an electric car charging station, you could open up doors of new opportunities.

You see, charging a car for an evening is roughly the cost of spending $1 in gas per gallon. Many drivers who are on the road now cannot remember when gas was that cheap or could benefit from the ability to plug a car in for that amount rather than the amount of money that gest spent putting gas into the gas tank. The doors that open when the ability to spend money on adventures rather than burning fuel is endless, it could make it so that your hotel is the next big stop on the list.

Don’t waste time hesitating on putting in commercial electric car charging stations for your guests, instead, assure that they have the ability to come to stay and make memories for the whole family, ones that will last them all a lifetime and will get more guests into your business and coming back for more constantly. Adding in a car charging station can do just that for you.

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