Popular Jeep Fest Coming Back to Toledo in 2018

Whether you’re into new trucks or used cars, one things for sure, there is some part of you, deep down, that always wished you’ve owned a Jeep. Luckily, it’s never too late to make that automotive switch — especially over the next year because more and more Jeeps will be hitting the road in celebration of the upcoming Jeep Fest.

The massively popular Jeep Fest has been a big hit with Jeep fans and vehicle enthusiasts alike. Though the Jeep Fest is currently in a hiatus for 2017, it was just announced that a new Jeep Fest will be in action over multiple days next August.

“We heard from the public,” said Whitney Rofkar, event spokesperson. “They wanted to have another Toledo Jeep Fest.”

According to The Blade, Jeep organizers are expecting thousands of both people and Jeeps flooding the streets of Toledo in celebration of the powerful brand.

Though the average fuel costs across all vehicles is 14.45 cents per mile (23 miles per gallon), which might be a little better than the fuel efficiency of Jeeps, people who make the switch from any kind of vehicle to the Jeep brand are almost always happy they did so.

“There will be more interactive elements no matter what. If we can?t do a whole off-road course because it?s too prohibitive cost-wise or otherwise, there will still be more interactive Jeep-like things that we can pull off now that we have a year to plan,” added Rofkar.

Although the Jeep Fest was held specifically in Toledo last year, it was also part of a nationwide celebration of Jeep’s 75th anniversary. Because of this monumental brand, roughly 1,100 vehicles were features at the festival and 40,000 people traveled from 14 states and Canada to witness this great event.

“I think the focus for next year?s [event] is not just the past, but it?s past present and future,” added Jerry Huber, chairman of the Jeep Fest Steering Committee.

If you want a Jeep of your own to be a part of this successful and historic brand, you’ll find used and new Jeeps for sale in virtually every city in the country.

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