Premium Products Are Formulated with Top Base Oils

The U.S. is the world’s #1 consumer and producer of oil, that puts them as representing an 18% share. Of course, this includes many different types of oils including high viscosity oil, light grade oil, medical white oil, mineral oil, white mineral oil and base oil to name a few. Certain suppliers are known for formulating premium products. One such company is the Chevron Group.

What Is Chevron Base Oil Used For?

Chevron base oil is used by many lubricant manufacturers to meet specifications for tightening, to maximize industrial and automotive products and to optimize blending alternatives. They use chevron base oil the products they formulate for their specific market. Base oils provide exceptional value for blenders. Examples of industries that use base oils include the toothbrush industry, the automotive industry and for manufactures that produce roof compounding and weather stripping to name a few. Any industry that needs to soften rubber products may use a chevron base oil.

Base oil suppliers manufacture oils for global use to meet high demand with a reliable source. Refineries are located strategically for ease of shipping. With top manufacturers being able to ship to four supply hubs regionally, it is easy to see how they can serve some of the world’s significant lubricant markets.

It’s All About Savings in Regards to Purity for Performance

One base oil is not just like another. There has to be quality manufacturing in place. That’s why high-purity group II/II+ base oils produced by Chevron are in high demand. They have the patented technology that helps lubricant formulators meet rigorous European and U.S. technical requirements. You can expect their base stocks to have low volatility in viscosity grades and outstanding oxidation stability that are basically sulfur-free. This gives you the ability to produce a vast viscosity range of lubricants that are higher performing that also minimize or eliminate the requirement for expensive group III base oils.

The Right Base Oils Help Lower Your Costs

When it comes to running your own business it is imperative that you are able to keep costs down. Using chevron base oils can lower your formulating costs for even the largest volume of lubricants you produce when blending with 100% group II/II+ grade base oils. With precise formulation work concerning an additive company, the level of group III can be eliminated or optimized to reflect better cost savings without any compromise concerning performance.

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