Quality Replacement Parts Keep Trucks Running Their Best

This is the time of year when children are thinking about sleighs pulled by reindeer and adults are focused on cars slipping on ice. In the background of all of the presents that are delivered by the Jolly Man in Red and the Christmas presents that are purchased even during the snowy days, however, is an entire transportation industry that keeps bot the magical and the traditional going: the diesel trucking industry. In fact, there are a number of ways that diesel engines keep the economy running not just during the holidays, but year round as well. From the universal diesel fuel pumps that are needed to make cross country hauls more economical and fuel efficient to the oil filter distributors that are a part of the monthly, and sometimes weekly, service, it is important to realize that the merchandise that we rely on is delivered to our stores on large commercial trucks that require a number of small parts.

Diesel Fuel Filters Suppliers Offer Quality Products at Affordable Prices

With the use of the biggest and best diesel pump manufacturers, trucking companies are able to deliver the thousands of truckloads of goods that are in high demand this time of year. From Christmas trees to toys and from electric shavers to boots, the majority of the items that we use on a daily basis are transported from manufacturers to retailers by the trucking industry.
To keep all of these trucks running, there are a number of parts suppliers that offer products of various levels of quality and at various prices. Diesel pump manufacturers, for instance, offer a number of models that can keep trucks running as efficiently as possible. Consider some of these facts and figures about the diesel truck parts industry and the impact that it has on the fuel efficiency of America’s trucking fleet:

  • Fuel filters help keep out four key impurities: dirt, water, scale, and rust.
  • For every 100 cars sold in the U.S., there is one diesel engine car sold.
  • There are 10 diesel engine trucks are sold, for every 100 trucks sold in the U.S.
  • A diesel engine will compress air to one out of 20 parts per volume.
  • The latest market research indicates that there are up to 50 different types of diesel engines.
  • Diesel engines are estimated to have nearly a 45 miles a gallon highway mileage rating.

This may seem be the season of Santas on sleighs and drivers on snow, but every day of the year is a time when the trucking industry, which relies on quality parts from diesel pump manufacturers and other distributors, is busy delivering the consumer goods that the nation demands.

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