Save Your Guests Time and Energy With Custom Parking Tags

Many drivers spend an inordinate amount of time, money, and energy looking for parking spaces. Since it can be even more challenging to locate parking spaces in some cities than others, these costs increase accordingly. Furthermore, this can also make a negative impact on employees and visitors that are unable to find a convenient place to park within a reasonable amount of time.

The transportation analytics firm, INRIX, reported that the average driver wastes both time and fuel in their search for a parking space. Their 2017 report showed that drivers spend 17 hours a year to locate parking, and this amounts to $345.00 in wasted time and fuel.

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Seattle are considered to be the worst cities in the United States to find parking. While the national annual average time spent to locate parking spaces is 17 hours, the average is considerably more for these cities:

  • New York: 107 hours a year
  • Los Angeles: 85 hours a year
  • San Francisco: 83 hours a year
  • Washington, D.C.: 65 hours a year

Parking in the Los Angeles business district was the subject of a recent year-long study. “Cruising for Parking,” which was published in Access, revealed some thought-provoking data. In their search for parking spaces, people drove the same distance as 38 trips around the world. This burned 47,000 gallons of gas, which resulted in producing 730 tons of carbon dioxide.

The St. Petersburg City Council conducted a study in 2016. They discovered that the two-hour parking limits in their downtown area made a negative impact on both employees and visitors. More specifically, this created a hardship for these individuals. When employees need to leave work in order to move their cars, this can interrupt important tasks. Furthermore, if they are unable to do so in time, this can result in parking tickets and other types of fines. This situation also applies to visitors, many of whom may be engaging in activities that last longer than two hours.

When searching for a space within a parking lot, roughly 66% of drivers stated that they do allow themselves to become distracted, which is not surprising. Furthermore, 80% of bumper scratches happen when drivers are parking their own cars. Valet tickets for businesses can provide an excellent solution for these and other parking issues. When you have custom parking tags printed for your employees and visitors, it is easy to identify their vehicles. Custom parking tags also make it difficult for non-approved vehicles to park in your lot. When your business has custom parking tags, you will also be enhancing your customer’s experience because parking will not be a concern.

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