Should You Pay a Professional to Cut New Car Keys

You should always have an extra car key. Many vehicles only come with one key. Car key cutting is similar to residential key cutting, but there are some differences that may make it difficult to do your own car key cutting, but not impossible. This video takes you through a DIY key cutting session.

Video Source

This video walks you through the steps that the presenter had to take to duplicate the key for their Ford Focus. The presenter bought a used key cutting machine online and used it to create the spare key that they needed for their vehicle.

If you are considering DIY key duplication this video contains some valuable information about how to use a key cutting machine and the steps that you need to take to duplicate a vehicle key. This video is an interesting watch for anyone that wants to know how they can do their own key cutting right at home.

Watch as the presenter overcomes some of the obstacles that you may run into at home. Watch the video now to learn how to cut your own key at home.


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