The 3 Best Modifications for Your Subaru WRX/STI

Every year millions of cars are released into the market, and the demand is still rising. One car brand that has become a favorite for many Americans is the Subaru. In fact, close to 60,000, Subaru’s were bought in June 2018 alone.

This rise in demand for Subaru vehicles can be attributed to their all-wheel-drive functionality and long-term reliability. These vehicles are designed for performance and durability. Some statistics show that 90% of all Subaru’s bought within the last decade are still on the road.

The Subaru WRX, in particular, is a vehicle built for car enthusiasts, especially those who have a knack for performance cars. The moment you drive it out of the dealership, you feel like you are in a rally championship.

Even with its incredible functionality, you can still improve its performance with Subaru WRX performance parts. Let’s take a look at the key Subaru upgrades you should make.

1. Wheels

The tires are a key factor in the performance of your Subaru. Good tires enhance the control you have on your vehicle and increase acceleration times. For the best performance, you want to high quality tires that will stick to the tarmac and improve your traction.

There are tires designed to optimize your vehicle for track events or even daily commute. The intended use for the car should guide the set of Subaru upgrade wheels you choose.

2. Cold Air Intake

Select Subaru models come with inbuilt turbochargers. The turbocharger helps increase engine power by pushing more air into the engine, thus increasing the fuel intake.

The turbocharger is effective as long as it can access enough air. However, the design of your vehicle can limit the amount of air that gets to the turbocharger. To fix this, you will need a Subaru aftermarket cold air intake.

These are Subaru WRX performance parts with large filters which allow more air to get into the turbocharger. With more cold air entering the turbocharger, you can expect explosive power from your vehicle.

When buying an air intake for your Subaru upgrade, choose one with a box that will separate the filter from the rest of the hood. The box ensures that the air intake will not use the hot air under the hood.

It is important that it uses cold air as it is denser than hot air and also less likely to cause unwanted detonations.

3. Front Mount Intercooler and Piping

Most car manufacturers use hood scoops to improve how the car looks. For Subaru, however, the hood scoop is an essential performance part. It creates space at the front of the vehicle allowing more air to enter the turbocharger’s intercooler. As a result, the radiator’s efficiency will also improve.

It is possible to have your intercooler above the engine, but it will be susceptible to heat soak from the hot air rising from the engine. Heat soak will cause the temperature to rise, which can result in power loss or detonation. This is why it is better to have a front mount intercooler.

Do not worry if your intercooler is above your engine. As with most Subaru WRX performance parts, changing the location of your intercooler is not hard. Most intercooler kits come with everything you need to shift your intercooler’s position.

You should also consider upgrading the piping as you upgrade to an aftermarket intercooler. Stock pipes have a limit to the flow and boost they can handle. This upgrade ensures that the pipes can offer enough flow to handle the boost.


The Subaru WRX is indeed a high-performance vehicle. It is designed for power, performance, and speed. However, to get your vehicle to peak performance, you will need aftermarket Subaru WRX performance parts. These will help increase your boost, horsepower, and handling for the ultimate rally experience.

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