The Advantages of Buying a Used Car

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Did you know that the average age of a car on the roads of the United States is 11 years old? This number is likely due to the popularity of used cars: according to statistics, an estimated 40.5 million used vehicles were sold in the U.S. in 2012, and approximately 41 million were sold the following year. Because of these high sales rates, the used car industry generates an estimated $101 billion in revenue. However, drivers also reap a number of benefits from buying used cars, including the ability to choose from a greater selection of vehicles to better prices.

There is an estimated average of 3.3. million used cars for sale at any time in the United States. Because of this, anyone interested in viewing a selection of good used cars will not be disappointed: buying used cars allows you to choose from a large number of brands, and models, all while remaining in an affordable price range. For those interested in buying a truck, for example, an estimated 10% of all used vehicles sold in the U.S. are identified as such. Meanwhile, although automatic transmissions outnumber manual transmissions 10 to 1, thanks to knowledgeable dealers and online listings it is easy to find and compare used cars with standard transmissions. More importantly, because new vehicles rapidly lose value after being driven off of the lot, the value of used cars is often higher than its price. This makes finding high quality, affordable used cars a typically simple task.

Currently, there are an estimated 126,097 used car dealerships located in the United States, employing an estimated 225,849 people. With so many used car dealerships, finding a car that fits both your budget and your needs is easier than ever. Visit a used car dealership today to see the many choices they can offer you. Continue reading here.

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