The Benefits of Having Solar Film and Window Film Installed

When people live, work, and socialize in an area that experiences extreme heat, staying cool is often a major concern. Avoiding the sun’s glare is also important, which is why many homes, businesses, and other establishments may have heavy curtains, blinds, or other types of window coverings. There are options, however, such as having a contractor install window tinting and solar film.

According to a recent International Window Film Association survey, people do worry about the effect of sunlight on their carpets, drapes, and home furnishings. Over 52% of the survey participants responded that they worried about their belongings being damaged by the sun. This may also be a significant concern for business establishments, particularly those with similar types of furnishings, clothing racks, and other products that could be damaged by continual exposure to the sunlight.

When homes and commercial buildings have window films installed, this can reduce the sun’s glare by over 50%. Another benefit to installing these films is that visible light will still pass through. Since this will range from 30% to 80%, it can reduce the need to use artificial light sources. Furthermore, window film has the ability to block as much as 99.9% of UVA radiation, which creates a safer interior environment.

When window tint is installed, it can also block solar heat up to 79%. As a result, this can assist with lowering cooling costs and utility bills. Experts report that homeowners can reduce their bills by as much as 40%. Commercial enterprises will also have the ability to reduce their energy bills by installing window tints.

When you install window tinting and/or solar film in your home or place of business, you will be able to keep your blinds, drapes, or other window coverings open. If your windows open up to beautiful surroundings, such as a central courtyard, sculpture garden, or well-designed landscaping, then you will be able to enjoy the view minus the glare and dangerous UVA exposure. Once you meet with a contractor, they will be able to recommend the best possible treatment for your home or business’ windows.

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