The Benefits of Non Woven Fabric

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Spunbond nonwoven fabric is a material that is made from long fibers that have been joined together by either chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. Some non woven fabrics need to be reinforced by a backing or a lining as they will not be strong enough on their own.

The uses for spunbond non woven fabric include in the medical field as gowns, drapes, masks, cups, gloves, shoe covers and wound dressings. It also can be used as a filter for gas, oil and air or even as a coffee filter, or as a vacuum bag.

This spunbond non woven fabric is made by weaving small fibers together much like a sheet. After this they are bound usually mechanically, with an adhesive.

Spunbond non woven fabric is a great material to use for many things without having to hurt the environment further.

If you were looking to buy this kind of fabric most fabric stores will have something like this and it can also be ordered online quite easily. It is a fairly popular material so finding it at a good price should not be a problem.

The textile die cutting machine works well if you need to cut the non woven material. However, a few things to think about before die cutting any material are:

  1. Before touching any material make sure you understand your die cutting machine’s instruction manual. There are electric die cutting machines and manual ones so definitely ensure you have a good reference to use at all times.
  2. Sometimes some threads are left uncut even after using the die cutting machine because of the type of fabric. This can happen with non woven materials because of the size of the fiber. You can cut these threads with scissors to finalize your die cut.
  3. Try not to get frustrated because you may end up ruining your fabric. Always have a test piece handy to ensure the machine is running correctly before cutting out your actual fabric.
  4. Lastly, sometimes die cutting machines don’t work well with stretchy fabric. To avoid this you can attach your stretchy fabric to paper first and then die cut it.

Non woven fabrics are gaining popularity and use because of their natural properties. They are not very simple to use but not very complicated either. If die cutting works for it then it must be workable and flexible just like regular fabric. Using this type of material for every day things like car seat fabric or upholstery and things like this, will help you save the environment as you use organic material. Not only will you feel good about yourself but you will be doing a good thing for the world around you.

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