The Importance of Having Regular Car Maintenance and Repairs

Cars require regular maintenance and repairs in order to function optimally. According to a recent survey, however, 77% of the cars on the road were in need of attention. While some of these cars may have required maintenance or repairs due to sustaining damage by inclement weather conditions, others may have needed these as a result of being in some type of accident.

Causes of Auto Body Damage

There are several ways an auto body can sustain damage. In addition to weather conditions, this includes negligence, fender benders, and high speed collisions. On an annual basis, there are roughly six million car accidents that occur within the United States. The most common actions that lead to accidents are distracted driving, drunk driving, and speeding. Rear end collisions, for instance, occur an average of every eight seconds. While some fender benders and car crashes may not result in property damage, 72% will.

Different Types of Windshield Breaks

Windshields break in a variety of ways. These include the following types of breaks:

  • Bullseye
  • Combination break
  • Crack

  • Half-moon
  • Star breaks

  • Surface pit

It’s interesting to note that some types of windshield breaks never develop severe cracks. This pertains to 90% of stone breaks, such as stars and bullseyes. When a windshield doesn’t crack, this type of damage is referred to as a floater crack.

When windshields sustain long cracks, which are between seven to 12 inches long, they will tend to be either repaired or replaced. This category of cracks actually comprises 53% of the car windshields that require attention.

Learn More About Auto Body Repair Services

When you need car repairs after an accident
or due to inclement weather, it’s more convenient to locate a shop close to you. Your local car paint shop can take care of a variety of tasks so that your car’s appearance is restored. In addition to repairing dents due to hail, your car paint shop can also handle other types of damage such as replacing windshields and other glass. Once you speak with your local auto body repair services shop, you’ll be able to learn more about these and other services.

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