The Top Three Facts Car Owners Absolutely Must Know

Car repair costs

For many drivers, owning a car is kind of like playing a perverse version of the lottery. You drive every day, hoping that you won’t be one of the winners who has to pay out a great deal of money for repairs. For those that drive this way and think that their luck has not run out thus far, think again; here are three car facts you probably ought to be aware of:

1. Most Cars Need Maintenance

A car need not stop working to need attention from a mechanic. Recent studies have found that upwards of three fourths of all cars could benefit from visits to auto repair shops for some TLC. Oftentimes there are minor issues with vehicles that have no bearing on the car’s performance, such as light rust or low wiper fluid, but some insidious issues may not show up in a car’s performance until damage has been done; for example…

2. This Could Be as Simple as Refilling the Fluids

Many vehicles have been found to have inadequate fluid levels. A fifth of vehicles had inadequate cooling protection, almost a fourth of vehicles had inadequate engine oil, and almost a fifth of vehicles had inadequate brake fluid. All of these fluids, while not immediately in sight in a vehicle, are integral to the proper operation of the car. Ignoring these minor issues leads to big problems later on the the lesson that…

3. Neglecting This Leads to Big Consequences

Auto repair estimates may seem frightening or outrageous at auto shops, but whether or not you agree with the auto repair estimates, what matters most is that you address the issues in your car early on because car repair costs to not get any cheaper as time goes on. These issues only compromise performance in other parts of the car and lead to other, more expensive repairs. Ultimately, you want to repair your car as issues come up to have as easy a time owning one as possible; how will you treat your car? Great references here.

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