The Top Three Things You Didn’t Know About Chevrolet

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When you look through used Subaru dealers and Chevrolet dealers, there are a lot of things you are considering, but while they tout low prices and car features, how often do used Chevy dealers and used Subaru dealers market their history? Here are three things you probably do not know about your local Chevy dealers:

1. Chevrolet Found Itself in 1913

You probably know the Chevrolet brand by its bow tie emblem, but as iconic as that symbol is, it has not followed the company for its entire life. Chevrolet only took on the emblem as recently as 1913; while 100 years is certainly a long time, it is still interesting to see how the Chevy company’s identity has formed over the years.

2. They’ve Come a Long Way

Chevy car dealerships have sold a lot of cars over the years, for sure, but the actual number might just surprise you. Since 1912 — well before the bow tie emblem was adopted by the company — the company has produced over 200 million cars and trucks across the board.

3. Sales Have Been Picking Up

As impressive as the 200 million car figure is, just that number alone doesn’t reflect the absolutely massive growth that the Chevy company has undergone over the years. As an example, Chevrolet sold just shy of five million vehicles in 2011 alone. Based on that amount, it would have taken forty years to make up the figure, which just goes to show how much the company’s production has expanded since 1912! What do you think about Chevrolet? Continue.

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