This is Why Not Maintaining Your Wheels and Tires is so Dangerous

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Keeping your car in good shape is essential for its endurance, but more importantly for safety. We take driving for granted, and the act itself can get monotonous and mechanical, so we rarely think about how dangerous it actually is that millions of people drive around two ton hunks of metal at high speeds every single day. A major part of keeping your car safe to drive is maintaining the wheels and tires, since they are what the car actually sits on and what control the car, so rim repair and tire maintenance are essential.

Alloy wheels have a direct effect on the condition and performance of the tires. Bent or cracked rims can make tires wear unevenly and unusually, which can affect the tire’s air pressure or ability to hold air altogether), the tires tread, and even a vehicle’s alignment. A vehicle’s rims are the most durable part of it, but they can still be damaged by running into curbs and potholes, or getting into an accident. Here are some telling statistics regarding tires and accidents:

  • 8% of crashes in the U.S. are directly related to tire maintenance issues
  • 66% of passenger cars involved in accidents needed some type of tire maintenance
  • Tires that have lost 25% of their air are at risk for overheating
  • Of cars that have a tire pressure monitoring system, almost 45% were not properly inflated
  • These are why rim repair is so important. If you think or you know that your rims are not in the best shape, you should take them to alloy wheel repair specialists as soon as possible to reduce the chance of your getting into a car accident. Helpful sites:

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