Three Reasons to Purchase a Replica Cobra

Custom roadster

One aspect of the Cobra that has set it apart from others in its class would be its lower weight, typically weighing around 500 lbs less than the Corvette. Certain roadsters can weigh up to 3,400 pounds, while the Cobra weighs much less than that. The Cobra is a timeless classic, an AC Cobra Coupe once reached 186 miles per hour in England on a motorway in 1964. If you are wanting that legendary Cobra in your life but don’t want to spend six figures, I don’t blame you! Here are three reasons to purchase a replica Cobra.

  1. Lower Cost than Original – If you are looking to get a Cobra, be prepared to pay anywhere from $60,000-250,000. One main reason that replicas have become so popular is their low cost. You will spend far less when purchasing a Cobra car kit instead of trying to track down an actual Cobra. Another headache that car enthusiasts know all too well is the time it takes to track down the car you want. Be prepared to spend hours getting into contact with the seller. In addition, you could be paying travel and hotel costs just to meet up with a seller which doesn’t always guarantee you will get the car.

    Another stage in the car buying process, especially when looking at classics, is the haggling stage. You could find yourself meeting up with a buyer that wants to try and change the price. When purchasing a Cobra kit, you don’t have to deal with annoying price battles. There are many cobra kit car manufacturers which makes the buying process very easy.

  2. Learning Experience – People love to purchase kit cars because they get the chance to learn valuable skills. Having the chance to build a Cobra replica is an awesome project to be a part of. Fathers and sons can spend quality time, away from the television, while sharing a bonding experience building their kit car. Whether you are an amateur mechanic or a professional, you can have hours of fun assembling your Cobra replica.

    Many people would love to have training on how a car works but most do not know how to go about this. Consider an AC Cobra kit to get started in the world of kit cars. You will not just be able to build an amazing piece of machinery, you’ll likely also learn how to be a better mechanic.

  3. Customization Options – When looking at classic cars, you might never find that one that is suited to your needs. A great reason to consider an AC Cobra replica is because you do have more freedom to customize your vehicle. It is always recommended that you follow each step of the building process. However, some mechanics who have attained a bit of knowledge may want to tinker with their replica until it is to their exact liking.

    Replica vehicles are popular due to the way they are designed. Considering that you assemble a kit car you have the freedom to adjust parts to your liking. There have been many times where knowledgeable mechanics create their own car based off of parts from other kit cars. Of course, you never want to ride around in anything that isn’t safe, always ensure your vehicle is built safely!

To summarize, there are awesome benefits associated with purchasing a replica Cobra. You will definitely save a lot of money by purchasing a kit car instead of trying to track down an actual Cobra. Skipping the price haggling is another perk associated with choosing to get a replica vehicle. You can gain valuable mechanical skills by putting together a kit car. Also, the options to customize your kit car will provide far more options than you would have with an actual Cobra. Consider getting a replica Cobra and realize what all of the popularity of kit cars is about.

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